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Do you know who you are??

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

I am so excited to share a wonderful event with you!   Do you ever feel like no matter what you do or how hard you try you don’t fit in?  Do you struggle with self worth, beauty or self esteem?  On April 26, Living in Truth Ministries, the ministry I am part of is hosting it’s first conference!   This is going to be such a day of blessing.  There will be worship, speakers, break out sessions, a catered lunch and goodie bags.  But the best part is you will leave equipped with truth, truth about who you are in Christ and where your true identity comes from and that gals is power!  Take a minute to listen to the commercial below and I also included a flyer that has more information.   Oh and did I mention that the conference is for girls 9-99 so you can make it a big ol girl day!  Invite your daughters, mom, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors….we all need TRUTH, especially in the times we live!



Click below to see the flyer for more information.


RGI Conference Flyer





Real Life

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I want to share a wonderful opportunity for some girlfriend time, which we all need and want!   I have been following a blog called (in)courage for a while now.  It has so many contributors and topics, really it’s for any women, check them out.   They have decided to host a conference.  This is not just any conference.  Check out the details here.  This is such a great way to get a bunch of gals from your neighborhood/community together, not having  the expense of travel and lodging.  It looks like they have a ton of fun planned for that weekend.  The (in)RealLife conference is trying to get us to actually fellowship with other women and bring them into our homes to attend the conference together.  Life get’s busy so this is a great way to refill our tanks and get rejuvenated.

(In)RealLife is on April 27-28.  It’s $10 to register, which is totally cheap.  You can register here.  Got questions?  Go here.

It’s gonna be tons of fun!!

Brighten a day!

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s very easy now to stay connected?   Between blogs, facebook, twitter, and email we can know a bunch of information in a short amount of time.   With this quick finger approach I feel we are losing an oldie and goodie…sending a card.  I love going to a card shop, seeing all the rows of cards.  Some funny, romantic, some with words of encouragement, there’s thinking of you, thank you and congratulations!   I enjoy reading through the words, pondering what they say, sometimes laughing my head off and praying over who needs to read and  hear them.  Who could could use some encouragement or just a smile through a card? I purchase the ones I feel led to get and take them home.  I always know of someone who could use the blessing of a card.  We all have something going on in our lives whether it’s a marvelous moment or a trial.  Words of love written in a card can speak volumes to someone’s heart and soul!

Once home I get a blue ink pen (that’s another post, I am addicted to blue ink pens and yellow highlighters), sit with my choice of warm drink and start writing.  I love to feel the joy in my heart thinking that I could brighten and bless someone’s day.  I have sent many, many cards and feel it is sorta a ministry.  I would rather send a card then an email.  It’s more personal.  There is a novelty in it.

I admit I enjoy sending a card because I really enjoy getting a card.  To know that someone took time out of their day to write me a note is so thoughtful.  To know you are thought of, brighten’s your day!

There have been many times in my life when a card is just what I needed.  In tough times when I was in despair…a card in the mailbox from a friend or family member telling me I will get through it.  Joyous times, our wedding, the birth of one of our girls…a card congratulating us on our treasure.   Birthdays…a card from someone celebrating with me  the day God delivered me to earth.  Then there are those cards that are the “just because” cards.  LOVE them…no reason for one, but someone cared enough to send one.

Dayspring has beautiful cards.  Their cards come in many varieties and I love that they have  scripture inside of them.  To give someone God’s truth is such a gift.  I was recently asked to review the “SIMPLY MARVELOUS” card pack.  I want to disclose Dayspring gave them to me free to review and that all opinions stated are my own. Take a peek…can I just say that these are fun and pretty!

This assorted pack of cards features messages of encouragement, friendship, and birthday greetings.   I can’t wait to sit and go through each one of them, pondering over who I want to send one too.  So friends, be looking in your mailbox, your day could be brightened!

Signed, sealed and delivered

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Okay, so we all can say that deep down we love getting mail.  Not email, facebook comments but real mail, the kind that comes in a mailbox.  Come on, I know you all do.  I do and I  really love getting cards.  To get a card in the mail is bliss for me.  To think someone has taken the time to go to a store, pick out the perfect card for that time and season in life, write a short or long note, lick the envelope and place a stamp on it..sending it to me. Ah, can you see my smile!   I also love to send cards.  I love to hold them,  read them, thinking of that person that needs some encouragement, laugh or support.   Sometimes I laugh my head off or cry my heart out over cards.

I have the privilege to review these delightful, beautiful cards.  DaySpring sent  me the cards to review and all the opinions I am writing are my own.   Take a look at these pretty’s.


These cards are the creative expression of  Holley Gerth.  You can find them at Blessings Unlimited.  Blessings Unlimited is DaySpring’s home party business (think Pampered Chef of inspirational home décor). All products are sold through independent Consultants. You can visit Blessings site to view the full Catalog, learn how to host a Gathering, or even start your own business.  These cards are perfect for sending a girlfriend encouragement, love, or support.  The “theme” of the cards is to share who we are in God’s heart.  So how would you answer this question, IN GOD’S HEART I AM…  I know for me I answered with the word captivating.  We are his creative masterpiece, no two alike.  Don’t you just love that.  There is only one you!  The bonus is God knows you to the core.  He see’s all and loves us so graciously.  That is amazing.  So, I hope you get on Blessings Unlimited website and view their new fall catalog.  They have tons of pretty things to make your house a home filled with encouragement.





Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Well, school is in full swing and we are getting back into routine.  I love it!!   Biblestudy starts next week and I look forward to getting back together with some dear friends, digging in God’s word together and the adventure we will go on.  Make sure to check out Moms In Touch.  It’s a wonderful ministry that get’s mom’s together to pray over their children and the schools.  There are other types of groups ranging from home-school, private school to grandma’s getting together.  Cover your families in prayer.  Teach your children to pray.  This is something I am personally working on.  Instead of worry, pray.   It is so nice to hear other moms pray for your kids.  There is power in numbers.  Look for a group you can join.  One hour, one time a week…we can do that!

I follow this blog and about two weeks ago they asked the question, “In God’s Heart I am..”  You had to finish the sentence, take a picture of you and your answer and post it on their facebook page.  Easy enough, so I concluded the sentence for Natalie, Phoebe, and myself.  We posted them and WE WON!!  Well, Natalie won.  This company is so giving.  Check out all the goodies I received today:





I can’t wait to share the blessings!  Thank you so much (in)courage and Blessing Unlimited for sharing Christ with me and for choosing Natalie’s photo.  She is such a blessing to everyone who meets her.  Natalie lights up a room with her spirit and sweetness.  We are confident that she is making a difference for the Kingdom!   Oh, and if you want to see the photo’s check them out here.   You will have to go through a few pages to find our’s, it’s worth it just reading all the comments, it get’s you thinking about who you are to God!  

I pray that the gal reading this right now realizes who she is in God’s heart!  She is chosen, strong,  free, accepted, delightful, redeemed, captivating, adopted loved, valued, able and BLESSED!

Summer recap….

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Hi, it’s been a while.  We have had a fun and fast summer.  I have to say that it is our fastest one yet.  Lot’s of entertaining, swimming, camps, visiting relatives, the beach and starting a business.  So here is a recap in pictures.

Tricia and Travis Cottrell



Papaw and Phoebe with sparklers

beach wheelchair..very cool!

Natalie, Phoebe and cousin Emma

cousin Lily, Emma's little sister

getting hair wrapped

church camp slide..FUN!


Phoebe and Holland at church camp

girls with Buddy Davis at the Creation Museum

Papaw's cannonball

Phoebe's cannonball

Elliott's cannonball

Last day of Summer break Celebration

Amazing Beauty by God

So there is a summer recap.  Our girls started back to school this week.  I am ready for routine and getting back into bible study.  Oh, and yes my husband and I started a business.  Feel free to check it out, let me know if you are interested.  My husband suffered from extreme back, shoulder and knee pain, lack of energy,  poor sleeping and my knee’s hurt when I ran plus I was a restless sleeper.  Now, Elliott is running 5k and has so much energy..I like him  better  (haha), my knee’s don’t hurt during a run and I sleep like a rock.   We are so confident in the product we placed Natalie and Phoebe on it.  Natalie is having wonderful results. 
Have a great weekend!

Catching up..

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Things here have been crazy, a good crazy…does that exist?  Well in my world it does.  We ended another school year with lots of laughter and memories.  Natalie had a great last week with activities and Phoebe had the famous “Fairytale Ball” and Readers Theater.   We are excited about the teachers that both girls have next year and look forward to new adventures…but first, some summer fun!

We have already had alot of things going on and it’s the first week of June.  Our pool is open and feels terrific.  We have been grilling and entertaining, which is fun.  Elliott and I decided this summer we are getting some cookbooks from the library and trying new things. (there is always carry out..)  That should be fun.   The schedule has camp’s, a beach vacation, VBS and relaxing by the pool on it.

We have some awesome news to share, but before I do I want to share some pictures to get you up to speed.

my new favorite dessert

FairyTale Ball

great friends


I am so excited to share with you the BIG news…but you will have to come back later to find out what it is.  I don’t have all the pictures yet.  I am so excited about summer.  I am excited in the relaxed routine.  Excited about some family time!  Time to just grow together, laugh together and make memories.

One thing that will not become relaxed is my time in God’s word.  It’s our playbook for life.  I am in the process of looking for the bible study I will do this summer.  What are you doing?

A group of us are heading to the Deeper Still event this weekend in Louisville.  I can’t wait!!  Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Pricilla S.  I am confident we will receive a word from Jesus!   Ah, a girls weekend.  What a way to start off summer!!   I am sure I will have tons of pictures and a few stories to tell.  Something funny always happens with this group of friends  and I don’t think this time will be different.

Moved to action

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

It’s funny, you read someones blog and get a feeling you know them.  I have a few blogs I follow out there in bloggy world getting to peek into someones life, their adventures.  It’s fun, you get ideas, you laugh and sometimes you cry. 

I cried when I read the recent posts on The Simple Wife.  This gal is a mom, homeschooler, wife, friend, sister, daughter and sister in Christ.  Normal is the word that comes to my mind.  About a week ago her 12 year old daughter found her lying beside the treadmill, with it still running, seizing.  She was suffering  a stroke.  Click on the Praying for Joanne button to the right, to read the entire story.  You will need to scroll down to get to the beginning. 

This just broke my heart.  We are never guaranteed anything here on earth.  We live in real time, real world.  We go about our days, sometimes thinking things like this will never happen to us or our family.  Then, it does.  But, but, but…GOD!  God, if we cry out to  Him, reaches down from the heavens and brings people, tons of people to our lives, sometimes people that don’t even know us.  Prayers are lifted up, cards are sent, encouragement given, meals taken, childcare arranged…people are moved to act.   Please click on Joanne’s button and look around.  Pray that whatever God lays on your heart to do, you are obedient.  Don’t let the thinking that you don’t know her play out in your head.  She is a fellow sister in Christ.  Step up, step out and step into action.  

A girlfriend of mine recently started a tween group in her home.  These young gals meet, talk about life, Jesus and just have a good time.  Recently one of the gals, Bizzy, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Again, broken hearted for this young girl and her family.  Please pray for this 6th grader, yes I typed 6th grader.  Once again, no one is immune to catastrophes in life.  The one thing we are confident in is Christ,  his love for us, his provision for us and his grace.  I pray that Bizzy recovers completely and has a platform to tell others what Jesus did and continues to do in her life.  How awesome is that gonna be and just think of the numbers of young people she will influence for His kingdom. 

Lists, we all make them, we all check things off .  Well, I ask that you add these two prayer requests to your list and DON”T check them off.  Continue to cover them in prayer!

This terrific  idea is on this gals blog.   To see the photo’s click on the blog. 


Materials: sewing machine, double-sided bias tape, scrapbook paper

Step 1: Type up messages on your computer…I divided my document in two columns and ran four scriptures per page. Make sure to allow room at the top of each flag to attach the bias tape.You can also have people hand write messages on the flags.

Step 2: Cut scrapbook paper into 8.5 x 11 inches. This way you can feed it normally through your printer. I varied how I printed the messages. Some I printed over the patterned side, some on the blank side.

Step 3: Cut out the flags.

Step 4: Arrange the flags in the order that you want them sewn. I alternated which side some of the messages appear. So that if we hung it up mid room, you could read things on both sides. Once you have them in the order that you like, stack them up and set them next the sewing machine.
 Step 5: Place your first flag in between the fold of the bias tape. Using zig-zag stitch, stitch across the flag. Immediately put the next flag in place and continue sewing. Repeat until the end.

You’re done! 

Thought this was a great way to make a cold hospital room more cheery.  You could also cut out material in the shape of flags (like a triangle), provide visitors pens and have them write scriptures, prayers and notes.  Some how sew or stitch-witch them together and there you go..TRUTH decorating and covering a room! 

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” – Colossians 4:2

SMT and things friends do..

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Hi, its SMT time.  I am really enjoying memorizing scripture.  Okay, so I have only done one but it is very empowering.  I love having God’s word alive in my heart giving me a firm foundation.  Here is my SMT verse for the 15th of the month:

Psalm 105:4  Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always  NIV

This verse speaks to me right now because my oldest daughter just had surgery and has another one in a month.  It’s tough when one of you kids go through something like this.  On top of having special needs, she has to endure surgeries.  She is such a strong , brave girl and  I am confident that God blankets  her with safety, comfort and healing.  I want to always look to the Lord for my strength.  This isn’t easy.  I try to do things on my own and it never works out.  I get in the way!   God wants us to rely on him so that we look more like Christ.  I want to seek God’s face in all circumstances so that I am confident and empowered with  truth.   

I have some awesome, loving, caring and fun friends.  They are bringing meals to our family while Natalie recovers and look at this one brought to us today.   Can I just say that it was gooey, yummy and I want the recipe

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

Natalie and I came home from the hospital early this morning, we had been up all night,  so I laid down to take a nap.  While I was asleep another dear friend called saying she had a sweet treat to deliver, boy did she deliver!!  Look at these beauties

Gourmet Cupcakes

We can’t wait to dig into them.  What a nice surprise to wake too.  I tell you, we have such a fantastic circle of friends.  I am amazed at the love they so willingly, unselfishly give.  Recently we started a Life Group in our home and we are  growing to become terrific friends.  We are doing exactly what God’s word instructs, studying  His word, holding each other accountable, praying for one another and doing life together.  Such a great time of fellowship and growth.  I am also so thankful for all my girlfriends.  They are godly women, seeking Christ and desiring to know Him more.  We encourage, pray and just have fun in life.  Don’t know what I would do without them.  They bless me each and every day. 

I hope you have decided to jump into the SMT.  If so what is your verse for the 15th?  Remember to choose one that speaks to you for where you are in life right now.  It will impact you more and be easier to memorize.

Life update..

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Wanted to share some photo’s of what has been happening in our life.  We have about 1-1.5 inches of snow today and it is still falling!  It is beautiful!!  Life has been busy and we are looking forward to slowing down and enjoying the Christmas season.  We have had birthdays, get togethers, Thanksgiving, baked cookies/candies and decorated the home for Christmas.  I just love this time of year.  All the lights and decor.  Love seeing how others decorate their homes too.  Everyone has a different style and it is neat to see the creativity.  I tend to be more natural/rustic, using lots of berries and pine cones.  What’s your Christmas style?

Marie and Renne at the Girls Morning Out

Karla got a goodie at Girls Morning Out

Phoebe and Morgan (Morgan is only 7 mo. old)

Decorating the window ledge above our front door

Jiffy Pop...lots of fun

Turtle candies


My mom's birthday cake

Mom and David

Ready for snow

First snowfall in our new home

Have a blessed weekend!