Sharing what I’ve been pondering lately……


Fall is here and I love it.  The leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp!  Autumn is my favorite season!   I love having a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon, sitting down with a good book or just sitting thinking about life….slowing down.  I actually enjoy that it get’s dark around 6:30pm.  It gives my type A personality the O.K. to rest.  I love the rich fall foods….yum!   My home is decorated, my sweaters, hoodies, flannels and boots are out and I am a happy girl!

So, as a new season arrives  I have been processing and hashing some things out with the Lord.  It’s been, oh what do we call it, a pruning season for me.  It’s all been good and needed, not easy, very convicting but all good.  Let me share with you some of the things that I have been pondering….

  • there’s a season for everything and everything has a season
  • live intentionally
  • motherhood IS the best calling
  • we have our children for a short time, invest in them
  • convictions over things that have been taking my focus
  • that there is a difference in reading the Word and studying the Word
  • learning how to study the bible
  • where and when do I feel alive
  • saying no to good things so I can do the best thing is imperative
  • to research who I am reading is so very important
  • obedience is everything
  • to trust God when you need to do a hard thing.  He will guide and provide

Now, these are just things on my heart.  I am still processing through many of them but God has been very clear on a couple of them and I am going to be obedient even though it’s tough.  It’s not what I thought was coming.  It wasn’t on my radar.   But I can say that I am very thankful for His faithfulness when I doubt.  I am thankful for His wisdom when I seek it.  I am grateful for His guidance as I pray for it.  I am thankful He fills me with courage to do a hard thing!

I have “best” yes things that needs my focus, attention and intentionality.  I know where He wants me to be.  I am going to be joyfully obedient.  I am confident He will bless this season!  He desires our obedience and faith in Him!

Do you have some things you are pondering?  Is God calling you to be obedient somewhere in your life?  Trust Him, He has gone before you.  He will show you the way!  His plans are always best!

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