Beauty in change…and a re-launch!

To be honest, I have no idea where to start so I am just gonna write.  If you are new to my blog, welcome!  Take a look at my “about me” link to get to know me better.  I hope this is a place for encouragement, ideas, laughs and fellowship!  I looked back and noticed I started this blog in 2009.  WOW….I took breaks now and then but saw that I haven’t blogged since early 2014.  To go into the details of why would create a book. 🙂  So I will spare you all those details and just say that God is faithful and I told him I was tired of driving my own train.  I wanted all of my life to be for him to do HIS kingdom work ( and let me say that when you pray that prayer be ready cuz if it comes from a sincere heart there is no telling what happens next.)  So, here I am with a small component of what I believe is part of my calling.   I’m not sure what you read will always resonate with you but I hope some of what you read will.

I have been on a crazy journey for the past two years.  God has been growing and pruning but I have to say more pruning.  It’s been good, it’s been hard, it’s been humbling and I am thankful for all of it!  We should all have growing seasons.  We all need pruning seasons, they provide space for planting seasons.   I truly feel I am in a season of beautiful change.  You know when you get a feeling in your bones?  I have that feeling and it feels good.  I eagerly await to see what God does.  I love the people he is bringing into my life….amazing!  My family is on a new journey that has already radically blessed us, I’m sure you will hear about it.  So needless to say I’m a bit excited!  Wilderness living get’s old. You get weary, many times confused.  But when God pours out a fresh river of HIM….it’s so refreshing.  I am standing in that river, splashing up all that love, mercy and grace!!

So I hope you will follow along!  Bookmark my blog, check in when you can.  I am going to say my goal is to blog at least 3 times a week but we will see what God places in my days.  Friends, adventures are before us!  God is faithful!  Each of us have a call on our lives to further HIS kingdom, are we willing to surrender?!   Eternity awaits!

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