A New Chapter


I am so thankful the chapter titled 2013 in my book is closed. A new chapter has opened and I am excited to see what Jesus writes. I have my spotlight scripture for 2014 and I have my ONE WORD. I’m not much on resolutions, they never work. I like goals. I set small goals that I can achieve and keep moving forward. I have a page of short goals that I have started but I am in the journey of learning a major spiritual discipline, TRUST!

I am learning to trust The Lord in ALL things. It’s tough. I’m a recovering Type A, control nut. This is not an easy thing for me. God has been so steady and I so want to grow this spiritual muscle. I had some intense thoughts the other day, those thoughts that cause you to just stop and have a seat. I will share this question that kept coming to me the other day, ” Do I have things in my life in such order that I don’t really have need for God? ” Now don’t get me wrong, I need Jesus but I can go thru my days in robot mode. I do my thing, get things done and if something arises I take care of it, which can sometimes turn out yucky. If I would just trust Jesus it would be different. Cue the stop and sit. Do I Trust Jesus? In my marriage, my parenting, my relationships, do I trust Him? If you would look into my life, I’m a panic-er. If I feel things are off I get heightened that there could be something about to teeter into the area that I may not be able to… I don’t want to type it…control! I guess I kinda think I’m His helper. I know he’s busy so I’ll take care of things going on in my life.

It’s exhausting and I am done. IF Jesus is changing, moving in some way or doing something new in any are of my life I want to trust His ways! To do this I have to be praying, about all things. I need my prayer friends praying for me. I need scriptures to pour into my mind and memorize. I need to be obedient and live open handed. It’s an exciting start to the new chapter in my book of life.

What is God speaking to your heart? How’s your new chapter starting? It’s bound to be good because the author’s writing’s are life changing!!

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