Like a sequel in a movie, the suspense can be nail biting.  I want to share with you this new adventure God has me on and how I had to become open handed and surrendered to HIS agenda for me.  As I mentioned,  I was on a journey.  The journey was good but I was weary.  Weary because I was the guide on that journey.  I was trying to push open doors and create new directions for me to go on. After many tears and talks with  godly friends, I surrendered.  It was so freeing for me.  To not be worried about controling the outcome.  But God, in his great wisdom placed a few propelling questions into my mind that catapultied this new adventrue.  One question was this: ” Can you see yourself doing____ for the next 10-12 years?”   I sat on my sun porch, pondering this question.  Could I see myself doing the thing I had just received a certification for,  for a long period of time…the answer didn’t take long..NO…I couldn’t see that.  Freeing moment number 1.  The next question was, “Where do you feel fulfilled?”  Now don’t’ get me wrong, I am very fulfilled in my call to be a wife and mom.  This question I felt was a question of vision.  In what do I get excited.  That question didn’t take long to answer either.  I was floored, excited and astonished.  Freeing moment number 2.  I shared with my husband my dream.  That  my passion is ministry.  If I could I would love to partner with a non profit ministry that encourages women in Christ.  Well….here is where it get’s good.  I have a sweet friend that I began to share all of this process with.  I shared with  her how I didn’t  want to come up with an idea for a non profit, I didn’t  feel that creative,  just not my gift but how I do feel that God has clearly shown me his call on my life right now.  If I recall, she giggled.  You see, this friend has a non profit ministry that supports and encourages women.  She proceeded to tell me that she has asked me before and will ask me again to join her core ministry team, helping build up the ministry.  I was beside myself.  I told her I would need  to pray about something like this and not to say yes right away.  So I prayed…and God answered with many affirmations.  I called my friend back and told her I would be honored to come alongside the ministry and that started my new adventure.  I am apart of Living in Truth Ministries.  A ministry that supports, encourages, empowers and disciples women through God’s truth.  I love my position, I love working alongside such a godly women/team and I love that God redirected me but I have realized that it was only until I laid down self and surrendered to HIS plan.

The future is bright with excitement.  I have so much peace about my decision, that is of God and that is how I know it is right.  I look forward to the journey, because I am not the one guiding it.

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