I hope each one of you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I had a great day with family, ate well and loved the leftovers.  I reflected on the blessings of God with a very thankful heart.  So now that Thanksgiving has come and gone Christmas is here!  The stores have had Christmas decorations and items up since Halloween, which I think is ridiculous.  I was in a store a few weeks ago and the clerk told me that Christmas dresses were on sale and that they weren’t getting any more in.  WHAT??  Yep, she said that retail stores are 6 months advanced….so here come the spring lines!  Crazy.  I want to treasure this time of year.  I want to see Jesus in all of it.  The lights, He shines in lives,  the music, He in the song in our hearts, the fellowship, let us fellowship with Him always, the ornaments, may He be an ornament in our behavior, and the gifts, Christ is the BEST gift of all, let’s share Him!

In anticipation of Christmas I want to share a wonderful online advent bible study


Here is the link, you need to subscribe so you can get the FREE download.  It’s going to be good!  Let me know if you participating.  I would love to chat about what we are learning and how our hearts are being prepared for Christ’s birthday!

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