A season of gratitude and thankfulness

It’s a rainy day and we have has a house full of illness, but God is so good and today I woke up feeling the best I have felt in weeks.  Please continue to pray for Natalie.  She has such a hard time getting rid of any illness, especially chest colds which can quickly turn into pneumonia.  She is such an inspiration to me and God uses issues that are out of my control to sanctify me!

I recently started reading a wonderful book on gratitude and thankfulness.  I was convicted that I run through my days without giving thanks and realizing how grateful I need to be.  So in this season of my life that is what I want to cultivate in my soul.  It truly is a discipline.  We rush around doing our daily “to do” lists and we don’t leave margin for anything.  No margin to allow God to interrupt our days.  I truly believe that it is in those interruptions  we see Jesus.  We get tunnel vision on our goals for the day that we miss it.  Serving someone who is down, ill, struggling.  Smiling at a stranger who needs that extra friendliness.  Sending a card, do we even do snail mail anymore…I love cards in the mail!  Having coffee with a friend who needs a break.  Cuddling with our kids, they long for our time!

While I am reading the book, I am also journaling.  I am also doing a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.  It has really guided me in my thinking and what I ponder on.  I am recognizing the many benefits I receive daily from Christ and others.  I am acknowledging God as the giver of every good gift and I am expressing appreciation to Christ and others.  It has been so exciting, it has re-focused my thinking.  Now don’t get me wrong…it’s a discipline, especially the past few weeks with all the illness in our home.  The glorious thing is that even with all the illness I can list things I am thankful for.  God works in ways that we don’t understand and he has “made” me slow down, and that is for a reason.  I need to guard my quiet time with Him, I need to pray more.

So today, with all the rain and with illness, I am thankful.  Thankful that Jesus loves me no matter what, that He came to earth a very humble way,  lived among the regular people, teaching and loving, in obedience to God, died a cruel death so that I could be saved from sin, the ROCK lay in a rock for 3 days and rose again to be KING!  Death is defeated and one day we will see Christ.  That is something to be GRATEFUL  and THANKFUL for.


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