Real Life

I want to share a wonderful opportunity for some girlfriend time, which we all need and want!   I have been following a blog called (in)courage for a while now.  It has so many contributors and topics, really it’s for any women, check them out.   They have decided to host a conference.  This is not just any conference.  Check out the details here.  This is such a great way to get a bunch of gals from your neighborhood/community together, not having  the expense of travel and lodging.  It looks like they have a ton of fun planned for that weekend.  The (in)RealLife conference is trying to get us to actually fellowship with other women and bring them into our homes to attend the conference together.  Life get’s busy so this is a great way to refill our tanks and get rejuvenated.

(In)RealLife is on April 27-28.  It’s $10 to register, which is totally cheap.  You can register here.  Got questions?  Go here.

It’s gonna be tons of fun!!

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