Brighten a day!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s very easy now to stay connected?   Between blogs, facebook, twitter, and email we can know a bunch of information in a short amount of time.   With this quick finger approach I feel we are losing an oldie and goodie…sending a card.  I love going to a card shop, seeing all the rows of cards.  Some funny, romantic, some with words of encouragement, there’s thinking of you, thank you and congratulations!   I enjoy reading through the words, pondering what they say, sometimes laughing my head off and praying over who needs to read and  hear them.  Who could could use some encouragement or just a smile through a card? I purchase the ones I feel led to get and take them home.  I always know of someone who could use the blessing of a card.  We all have something going on in our lives whether it’s a marvelous moment or a trial.  Words of love written in a card can speak volumes to someone’s heart and soul!

Once home I get a blue ink pen (that’s another post, I am addicted to blue ink pens and yellow highlighters), sit with my choice of warm drink and start writing.  I love to feel the joy in my heart thinking that I could brighten and bless someone’s day.  I have sent many, many cards and feel it is sorta a ministry.  I would rather send a card then an email.  It’s more personal.  There is a novelty in it.

I admit I enjoy sending a card because I really enjoy getting a card.  To know that someone took time out of their day to write me a note is so thoughtful.  To know you are thought of, brighten’s your day!

There have been many times in my life when a card is just what I needed.  In tough times when I was in despair…a card in the mailbox from a friend or family member telling me I will get through it.  Joyous times, our wedding, the birth of one of our girls…a card congratulating us on our treasure.   Birthdays…a card from someone celebrating with me  the day God delivered me to earth.  Then there are those cards that are the “just because” cards.  LOVE them…no reason for one, but someone cared enough to send one.

Dayspring has beautiful cards.  Their cards come in many varieties and I love that they have  scripture inside of them.  To give someone God’s truth is such a gift.  I was recently asked to review the “SIMPLY MARVELOUS” card pack.  I want to disclose Dayspring gave them to me free to review and that all opinions stated are my own. Take a peek…can I just say that these are fun and pretty!

This assorted pack of cards features messages of encouragement, friendship, and birthday greetings.   I can’t wait to sit and go through each one of them, pondering over who I want to send one too.  So friends, be looking in your mailbox, your day could be brightened!

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