Signed, sealed and delivered

Okay, so we all can say that deep down we love getting mail.  Not email, facebook comments but real mail, the kind that comes in a mailbox.  Come on, I know you all do.  I do and I  really love getting cards.  To get a card in the mail is bliss for me.  To think someone has taken the time to go to a store, pick out the perfect card for that time and season in life, write a short or long note, lick the envelope and place a stamp on it..sending it to me. Ah, can you see my smile!   I also love to send cards.  I love to hold them,  read them, thinking of that person that needs some encouragement, laugh or support.   Sometimes I laugh my head off or cry my heart out over cards.

I have the privilege to review these delightful, beautiful cards.  DaySpring sent  me the cards to review and all the opinions I am writing are my own.   Take a look at these pretty’s.


These cards are the creative expression of  Holley Gerth.  You can find them at Blessings Unlimited.  Blessings Unlimited is DaySpring’s home party business (think Pampered Chef of inspirational home décor). All products are sold through independent Consultants. You can visit Blessings site to view the full Catalog, learn how to host a Gathering, or even start your own business.  These cards are perfect for sending a girlfriend encouragement, love, or support.  The “theme” of the cards is to share who we are in God’s heart.  So how would you answer this question, IN GOD’S HEART I AM…  I know for me I answered with the word captivating.  We are his creative masterpiece, no two alike.  Don’t you just love that.  There is only one you!  The bonus is God knows you to the core.  He see’s all and loves us so graciously.  That is amazing.  So, I hope you get on Blessings Unlimited website and view their new fall catalog.  They have tons of pretty things to make your house a home filled with encouragement.




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