Summer recap….

Hi, it’s been a while.  We have had a fun and fast summer.  I have to say that it is our fastest one yet.  Lot’s of entertaining, swimming, camps, visiting relatives, the beach and starting a business.  So here is a recap in pictures.

Tricia and Travis Cottrell



Papaw and Phoebe with sparklers

beach wheelchair..very cool!

Natalie, Phoebe and cousin Emma

cousin Lily, Emma's little sister

getting hair wrapped

church camp slide..FUN!


Phoebe and Holland at church camp

girls with Buddy Davis at the Creation Museum

Papaw's cannonball

Phoebe's cannonball

Elliott's cannonball

Last day of Summer break Celebration

Amazing Beauty by God

So there is a summer recap.  Our girls started back to school this week.  I am ready for routine and getting back into bible study.  Oh, and yes my husband and I started a business.  Feel free to check it out, let me know if you are interested.  My husband suffered from extreme back, shoulder and knee pain, lack of energy,  poor sleeping and my knee’s hurt when I ran plus I was a restless sleeper.  Now, Elliott is running 5k and has so much energy..I like him  better  (haha), my knee’s don’t hurt during a run and I sleep like a rock.   We are so confident in the product we placed Natalie and Phoebe on it.  Natalie is having wonderful results. 
Have a great weekend!

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