Well, school is in full swing and we are getting back into routine.  I love it!!   Biblestudy starts next week and I look forward to getting back together with some dear friends, digging in God’s word together and the adventure we will go on.  Make sure to check out Moms In Touch.  It’s a wonderful ministry that get’s mom’s together to pray over their children and the schools.  There are other types of groups ranging from home-school, private school to grandma’s getting together.  Cover your families in prayer.  Teach your children to pray.  This is something I am personally working on.  Instead of worry, pray.   It is so nice to hear other moms pray for your kids.  There is power in numbers.  Look for a group you can join.  One hour, one time a week…we can do that!

I follow this blog and about two weeks ago they asked the question, “In God’s Heart I am..”  You had to finish the sentence, take a picture of you and your answer and post it on their facebook page.  Easy enough, so I concluded the sentence for Natalie, Phoebe, and myself.  We posted them and WE WON!!  Well, Natalie won.  This company is so giving.  Check out all the goodies I received today:





I can’t wait to share the blessings!  Thank you so much (in)courage and Blessing Unlimited for sharing Christ with me and for choosing Natalie’s photo.  She is such a blessing to everyone who meets her.  Natalie lights up a room with her spirit and sweetness.  We are confident that she is making a difference for the Kingdom!   Oh, and if you want to see the photo’s check them out here.   You will have to go through a few pages to find our’s, it’s worth it just reading all the comments, it get’s you thinking about who you are to God!  

I pray that the gal reading this right now realizes who she is in God’s heart!  She is chosen, strong,  free, accepted, delightful, redeemed, captivating, adopted loved, valued, able and BLESSED!

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