Wow, can you believe another year of school is coming to a close.  Whether you home school, send your kids to private school or public school, another year is almost complete!  My precious girls will be finishing 5th grade and 1st grade.  Time flies!  Remember that YOU are the ultimate teacher to your children.  Teach them God’s ways.  Help them to shine bright for Jesus.

How are you going to show you appreciate your kid’s teachers.  They devote so much time to our kids.  They are with them alot and so I found a fun list of easy end of the year treats.  I take no credit for coming up with these ideas…I am not that crafty!

  • You are out of this world tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar
  • You deserve an extra payday! tag attached to a Payday candy bar
  • You are ‘extra’ special tag with a pack of Extra Gum
  • Thanks for helping _____ ‘bloom’ tag with a bouquet of flowers
  • We appreciate the ‘mounds’ of work you do! tag attached to a Mounds candy bar
  • Thanks for giving _____ a hand” tag with hand lotion
  • Thanks a ‘latte’!” tag with a gift card from local coffee shop, special coffees or travel mug
  • Thanks for holding everything together” tag with fun paper clips
  • You are a ‘treasure’ tag with Treasures candy
  • You are ‘tea’rrific!” tag with a selection of teas
  • You deserve a ‘break’ today! Thanks for your hard work” tag with a Fast-Break candy bar or McDonald’s gift certificates
  • Thanks for a ‘picture’ perfect year” tag with movie coupons or nice picture frame
  • Thanks for making our school year bright” tag with a package of highlighters
  • Thanks for helping ______ grow” tag with flower seeds
  • Thanks for lighting the way” or “You light up our world” with a flashlight or nice candle
  • We are your biggest ‘fan’!”with a cute desk fan, hand held fan or paper fan.
  • You have been a ‘bright’ spot in our year!” tag with a package of highlighters
  • You are a joy!” tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar
  • You rock!” tag with pop rocks, rock candy, Rock Star soft drink or painted rock for a paperweight
  • You have been ‘key’ to ______ success!” tag attached to a key ring, maybe a pretty handmade beaded one
  • We are ‘nuts’ about you!” tag attached to some nuts
  • You are worth more than a 100 grand to _____!” tag attached to a 100 Grand candy bar
  • You ‘mint’ so much to us this year” tag attached to some mints
  • You were ‘mint’ to be a teacher!” tag attached to some mints
  • You are an ‘amazing’ teacher” tag attached to an Amazing candy bar

Aren’t those cute.  Another idea I did last year for a teacher was a Candy Gram.  This is such a fun, adorable way to show your gratitude.  All you do is take  a poster board and write a poem, but when you make a “candy” statement you glue that actual candy to it.  Here are a few I found,

Don’t Snicker, but I think you’re great!
You are Mounds of fun and you have brought me tons of Joy!
I think you Rock!
Thank you Beary much for being such a Sweetheart of a teacher
and helping me learn to be a real Smartee!

Teacher Candy Gram
The RIESEN for this candy gram is to thank you GOOD & PLENTY for the MOUNDS of knowledge I have gained while in your class. It has been an ALMOND JOY to be your student and your help has MINT a lot to me. Teachers that reach their goal by helping students reach theirs, are truly SPECIAL TREASURES. You SKOR an A+ with me!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to thank the special people in your kid’s lives.  What are you going to do to show your gratitude?  Let’s not take them for granted.   Be the “sweet” treat they need at the end of the year and tell them the difference they made in your kid’s lives.


  1. Denise Coop says:

    Great ideas, Tricia. Thanks for taking the time to post them. I will have to steal your ideas… 🙂

  2. sara says:

    As a teacher who just finished the year, these are delightful ideas! I had 2 parents say thank you to me yesterday – it does make a difference!

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