Catching up

With spring break over I wanted to catch family and friends up on what’s been going on in our world over here.  Some of these pictures are from valentines day..

our valentine snack..chocolate fondue..yum


Phoebe liked it!


Natalie's 11 b-day


Elliott's 40th b-day dinner at Fuji Steakhouse..chop was fun and delicious


yum yum!!


making "bird nests" you can eat, great snack!


The Zoo

sharing a birds nest with a friend


fruit for a delicous fruit pizza


the filo dough for the crust..not easy stuff to work with


Fruit pizza


We had a good spring break.  Play dates with friends, the zoo, making yummy snacks, library, family movie night (The Chronicles of Narnia 3, Phoebe loves these movies).  I am glad school is back because I like routine.  So what did you do for spring break?  Got big plans for summer??

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