Spring is here!  We have had a busy few weeks.  School activities, church activities.   Bible study is coming to a close and boy has it been good!  We have our huge brunch on Thursday.  It is a feast and so delightful.  Such a terrific group of women that are seeking and growing a relationship with Jesus.

With summer coming I thought it would be fun to share tips and ideas for getting in shape, not only physical but spiritually too.   So whenever you see the logo above you will know that’s what we are chatting about.  I just want to toss out what has worked for me.  I am in no way certified, hold no degree’s and do not have any credentials behind my name.  I am just a gal that struggled with her weight, lost the weight (with lots of hard work and lifestyle change) and has maintained the weight.  I also have found that when I am out of bible study, because most studies take a summer break,  I tend to fall into pits.  With that said, let’s share!

First, I want to tell you that I am looking at new habits to toss into my daily schedule.  I don’t want to take things away cold turkey because I know I will fail, but if I implement a new good habit, maybe the old will fade. 

1.  Start drinking more water.  I am an ice tea drinker.  Not sweet tea, I use Truvia.   So I bought a new water bottle and drink 3 bottles a day.  Cut down on my coffee too.

2.  Start a summer bible study.  This is will be a new adventure.  I am going to host and it will be in the evening so dad’s can be with kids.  Gotta stay in God’s word.  It is crucial to our spiritual health and growth.

3.  I have started making smoothies in the afternoon to curb my munchies.  I like to toss in a scoop of protein, good for your muscles.  I found this website with tons Smoothy Recipe’s and this site for other skinny recipes.

4.  Sign up for a 5k.  Now, I am not an outside runner.  I can run on a treadmill but if I run outside I get horrible knee and hip pain.  So I will be briskly walking a 5k.  On the hunt for one in my area. 

5.  Resistance training with weights.  I have really come to enjoy tossing around weights.  I love to challenge myself.  Do you lift weights?  It is the best way to transform you body.   

Again, I am no expert.  I just want to share what I have learned in my journey to get healthy and stay that way. 

Have a wonderful week.  Share what you are going to do to get healthy, in your faith, nutrition and fitness!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this!!! Tonight the girls and I ate the last bit of BBQ chips so that they wouldn’t be taunting us tomorrow! We’ve been eating too much junk food the past couple of weeks and earlier this evening I decided that was ending…after we indulged in the chips. lol! And exercise is another one that has fallen to the way side. With new school schedule and juggling kids, homeschooling, and life…exercising has gotten pushed to the way side. So I am determined to find a way to fit it back in. So glad you posted b/c it is encouraging to me with all I wrote above. BTW, so NOT surprised that there’s a tree in your little exercise/bible logo. lol!

    Press on!

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