Today was a beautiful day!! The sun was shinning, cool air but the sun was out.  I feel spring in the air!  Thursdays are bible study days and today we studied Experiencing the Love of Jesus. To be honest, this is something we need to study daily. Jesus’ love is incredible!   To know what He did on Calvary for me.  It makes me forever grateful.

We heard this song today, it speaks.   Take a look…

Than we broke off into our small groups (we have a large bible study that averages 175 women or more)  and one of our leaders shared this song and video.  It is meant to be a Christmas song, but we all agreed it is an all year long song.

Jesus love crashed into the world and I pray that my family allows His word, teachings, truths and love to crash into their lives. Do you know how much Jesus loves you?  Just look to the cross.

We are entering into Easter and I would love to chat about some fun things you are doing in your home to share the love and grace of Jesus.   Easter is late this year, April 24, so we have lots of time to CELEBRATE JESUS!

**My youngest, Phoebe has fallen in love with this song. We have heard it..oh..about 4 times now.

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