What have you been told?

Things here have been really, what’s the word, worrisome.  Natalie had a minor complication from surgery that hopefully is working itself out.  She went back to school this week and is loving the attention.  They are so glad to have her back and she is glad to be back.  Being home was getting boring for her. 

I wanted to share a little of what I have been recently going through.  I find it annoying how the evil one uses good things to change our path so that we are not in God’s will.  He has schemes that he continues to use, they haven’t changed over the centuries.  I have been involved in bible studies since Natalie was 6 months old.  She will be 11 next month.  I LOVE bible study.   I love learning and digging into God’s word, sharing life with other women, sharing what Jesus has done in my life and the hope I have in Him.  Well, recently I believed the lie that I was not supposed to be involved in women’s ministry.  I built an idol , I don’t want to go into what it was, but the sad part is it’s a good thing.  I became addicted if you will and really thought that I needed to pursue that road and possibly a career.  Funny thing is that I never consulted God about this new endeavor.  Went a distance down that road in my own strength.  At that time in life I found myself very unsatisfied.  I was aggravated, annoyed, tired, stressed and my my heart just hurt.  Thank goodness I have wonderful friends that speak TRUTH to me and pray for me. 

Natalie had been in extreme pain for quite a while and we couldn’t figure it out.  I was emotionally exhausted and physically drained.  I started focusing on the idol.   I did some research into this new “adventure” and it looked like what I was looking for to fill the void in my mind and heart, but you know that feeling you get, the one that tells you something doesn’t feel right.  Always go with that one.  I started having second thoughts, processed it over and over.  Then, then, the freedom came.  We went to church one Saturday night, I sat in the pew, exhausted, we had 5 or so minutes before service started.  The lights were low, music playing, people hustling around greeting one another, fellowshipping but it felt like it was all slow motion.  I looked down and opened my heart.  I told God how I was exhausted and I needed Him to come.  Fill my soul with Him.  I needed Him desperately.  Suddenly I felt peace, I felt as if someone had taken their hands from around my neck, I could breathe.  I was an empty cup and the hand of Jesus was pouring His living water into me.  The fogged cleared and I realized this was IT…this, church, ministry, is where I get filled.  It became very clear to me that the road I had been looking at (the idol) was a dangerous road, a detour.  I was detoured by lies!  Oh, but sweet Jesus was there, to redirect traffic.  He showed me the right way for my life.  That night in church, freedom.  Freedom from the lies. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  People have jobs.  I am just telling you my story.  Yes, I have had to pull away from serving in women’s ministry for this season because my family needs me,  but, I will be back, I am confident in that.  Not sure in what area, but I know Jesus knows and that’s all I need to know.  Just need to continue to pray that I follow his road to get to my destination.  We need awesome, godly people in the workforces to share the hope in Jesus, to witness, to be shinning lights for Christ.  Do your job and do it well with Jesus. 

You always have to search for truth and if things aren’t adding up than it’s a lie.  Satan wants to divide us from God.  He will use “good” things as a detour.  Watch out for those huge potholes!   I look forward to serving again but know where I am needed right now.  God has a plan and will for me and for you.  Search to know him. 

I heard this song and immediately thought of my precious girls.  This is what I want them to know in the deepest part of their being!  Claim this truth..

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