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It’s funny, you read someones blog and get a feeling you know them.  I have a few blogs I follow out there in bloggy world getting to peek into someones life, their adventures.  It’s fun, you get ideas, you laugh and sometimes you cry. 

I cried when I read the recent posts on The Simple Wife.  This gal is a mom, homeschooler, wife, friend, sister, daughter and sister in Christ.  Normal is the word that comes to my mind.  About a week ago her 12 year old daughter found her lying beside the treadmill, with it still running, seizing.  She was suffering  a stroke.  Click on the Praying for Joanne button to the right, to read the entire story.  You will need to scroll down to get to the beginning. 

This just broke my heart.  We are never guaranteed anything here on earth.  We live in real time, real world.  We go about our days, sometimes thinking things like this will never happen to us or our family.  Then, it does.  But, but, but…GOD!  God, if we cry out to  Him, reaches down from the heavens and brings people, tons of people to our lives, sometimes people that don’t even know us.  Prayers are lifted up, cards are sent, encouragement given, meals taken, childcare arranged…people are moved to act.   Please click on Joanne’s button and look around.  Pray that whatever God lays on your heart to do, you are obedient.  Don’t let the thinking that you don’t know her play out in your head.  She is a fellow sister in Christ.  Step up, step out and step into action.  

A girlfriend of mine recently started a tween group in her home.  These young gals meet, talk about life, Jesus and just have a good time.  Recently one of the gals, Bizzy, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Again, broken hearted for this young girl and her family.  Please pray for this 6th grader, yes I typed 6th grader.  Once again, no one is immune to catastrophes in life.  The one thing we are confident in is Christ,  his love for us, his provision for us and his grace.  I pray that Bizzy recovers completely and has a platform to tell others what Jesus did and continues to do in her life.  How awesome is that gonna be and just think of the numbers of young people she will influence for His kingdom. 

Lists, we all make them, we all check things off .  Well, I ask that you add these two prayer requests to your list and DON”T check them off.  Continue to cover them in prayer!

This terrific  idea is on this gals blog.   To see the photo’s click on the blog. 


Materials: sewing machine, double-sided bias tape, scrapbook paper

Step 1: Type up messages on your computer…I divided my document in two columns and ran four scriptures per page. Make sure to allow room at the top of each flag to attach the bias tape.You can also have people hand write messages on the flags.

Step 2: Cut scrapbook paper into 8.5 x 11 inches. This way you can feed it normally through your printer. I varied how I printed the messages. Some I printed over the patterned side, some on the blank side.

Step 3: Cut out the flags.

Step 4: Arrange the flags in the order that you want them sewn. I alternated which side some of the messages appear. So that if we hung it up mid room, you could read things on both sides. Once you have them in the order that you like, stack them up and set them next the sewing machine.
 Step 5: Place your first flag in between the fold of the bias tape. Using zig-zag stitch, stitch across the flag. Immediately put the next flag in place and continue sewing. Repeat until the end.

You’re done! 

Thought this was a great way to make a cold hospital room more cheery.  You could also cut out material in the shape of flags (like a triangle), provide visitors pens and have them write scriptures, prayers and notes.  Some how sew or stitch-witch them together and there you go..TRUTH decorating and covering a room! 

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” – Colossians 4:2

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