Life update..

Wanted to share some photo’s of what has been happening in our life.  We have about 1-1.5 inches of snow today and it is still falling!  It is beautiful!!  Life has been busy and we are looking forward to slowing down and enjoying the Christmas season.  We have had birthdays, get togethers, Thanksgiving, baked cookies/candies and decorated the home for Christmas.  I just love this time of year.  All the lights and decor.  Love seeing how others decorate their homes too.  Everyone has a different style and it is neat to see the creativity.  I tend to be more natural/rustic, using lots of berries and pine cones.  What’s your Christmas style?

Marie and Renne at the Girls Morning Out

Karla got a goodie at Girls Morning Out

Phoebe and Morgan (Morgan is only 7 mo. old)

Decorating the window ledge above our front door

Jiffy Pop...lots of fun

Turtle candies


My mom's birthday cake

Mom and David

Ready for snow

First snowfall in our new home

Have a blessed weekend!

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