Life lately…

Fall is here and life is slowing down.  There is just something about the sun setting earlier.  I know for this go, go, go girl  it allows me,  in my crazy mind to slow down.  I want to be curled up on the couch with a good book, fire in the fireplace, a yummy cup of coffee and quiet!  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?! 

I thought I would share through photo’s whats been happening lately.   We have had fall parties, birthday parties, family photo’s…so enjoy catching up with me.

We watched the new Disney Tinkerbell movie.  It is really cute.  After the movie Phoebe wanted to make a fairy house.  So, this is the finished home.  She came up with the design and decor.  Pretty cute huh…we took tons of pictures while she was creating it but there are just too many to post.

Phoebe's fairy house

Natalie and her friend Jazlyn


Phoebe at the cornmaze


Halloween Hippy


Halloween 2010


Natalie and friends from school


a fairy, a princess, a ninja oh my..


cozy and quiet

 So there is a small look at our life.  It’s simple but fun!  I hope you are enjoying fall and coming up with a holiday plan so you can rest and enjoy it.

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