I hope you had a wonderful, peaceful, restful and blessed Thanksgiving!  I just love that holiday and I really thing it gets overlooked. 

We are in the midst of Christmas preparations.  We spent the weekend getting decorations and Christmas tree’s up.  It’s fun being in our new home, putting up the tree for the first time.  The house looks so pretty.  I will post pictures soon! 

Our church started a new sermon series called…”All I Want for Christmas…” and today was HOPE. 

Hope is the expectation of something good to come

That is what Christmas is all about.   A precious gift given to us, Jesus, so that we have hope.  Hope that the best is yet to come!   Hope that God’s love is for forever.  However weak and wayward we are, God can still work through us.  He uses us,  in all our messy ways to bring glory to HIM!  In our insignificance we are significant with Christ!   There is light for this dark world.  Jesus is the light and the way!  We are called to be shining stars to others, sharing what Jesus has done in our lives.  Do you share?

When my youngest daughter, Phoebe was 4,  we were heading to preschool and Third Day was on the radio.  They were playing  There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel.  Now understand that Phoebe is a huge Third Day fan, so she was just singing her little heart out.  She yelled up to me and asked if I knew what the light at the end of the tunnel was.  I played along and said no, what was it?  She yelled, “it’s Jesus!!”  How stinking cute is that?  At 4 years old, I just thanked God for her young, sweet faith. 

So let me share that there is light for your life.  His name is Jesus.  He is our hope.  This Christmas, if your life is needing some direction, seek the Wonderful Counselor.  If you are feeling weak, seek the Mighty God.   If you are having family troubles, seek the Everlasting Father and if your life is chaotic, seek the Prince of Peace!

 I hope to share more of what is going on at our home.  I have declared December as my rest and reflect month.  The year is so busy and so I am claiming December.  Time with family, time with my hubby, time with my kids, time with Christ! 

Wanted to share this with you.  Enjoy!

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