It’s tiny, it’s white ???

Can you guess from this picture?

Okay,  that’s a tough one because this is not white.  Try these,

Phoebe yelled for me last night and told me she had a loose tooth.  Now this is something she has wanted for a while..we don’t know why.  So when she told me, I yelled to her to quit playing with her teeth.  Than she came running and showed me.  Yep, it was loose.  She asked how long it would take to come out and I told her sometimes it can take a few weeks and not to play with it.  We didn’t want it to break off.  Well, today at lunch she bit into a chocolate chip cookie and out it came.  She and a little friend went to the nurse’s station and that is where she got the cute, pink treasure box to put her tooth in.  She is so excited!  I am a little sad.  Just another milestone.  She is growing up too fast.  If anyone knows a recipe to keep them little, share it with me.

Oh, and what are teeth going for now a days?  She asked what I used to get when I was little, which made me laugh and I told her a dime, she asked how much that was and I told her ten cents.  She smiled and said “maybe I will get 25 cents”  So sweet!


  1. Lori R. says:

    Disney more than met my expectations! I absolutely loved it & hope to go back again. Let’s get together to catch up over coffee one morning! I miss you!

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