It’s a sweet day!

I say it is a sweet day because bible study started up again!  Yeah…I am so excited.  I just adore getting together with other women and learning God’s word.  Doing life together, encouraging one another and building friendships.  We are digging deep into Breaking Free,the updated Beth Moore study.  She first wrote this study 10yrs ago.  Imagine the changes, struggles, joys, and growth.  Life in 10yrs.  I can say that my life has changed in the past 10 years. 

I have gone from having a happy healthy child to a disabled child, that was a huge change, that to this day I still struggle with.  Don’t get me wrong, Natalie is such a blessing and I see the love of Jesus in her and through her daily.  But it is tough, really.  Stolen and robbed, her life.  Dreams shattered and having to be rebuilt.  Marriage struggles.  Personal and deep soul struggles.  Life = hard.  So what do you do with all that?  You take it to the throne of Christ who can handle everything.  You lean on Him daily.  You drench yourself in TRUTH!!  You find others who will keep you accountable and will do life with you.  He has and continues to  grow  me through circumstances.   We  are blessed with Phoebe, who just turned 6.  She is a sweet, compassionate little girl who loves Jesus!  She has brought spunk and fun wrapped up with a life of delight.  We have moved 3 times, finally to stay where we are.  I have attended several bible studies, we have moved churches to come back to our “home” church.  We have endured major health issues, had family problems, financial issues, arguments, deaths, loss of all sorts, but the common denominator to all of these things is that Jesus has been with us all the way.  Even when we strayed, he stayed, praise Jesus!  I can say with every ounce of me that I would not have made it without Jesus.  He saved me from so many pits, I could not recover on my own.  He has revealed to me that I still have much to work on and that’s what he and I are gonna do. 

So as I start this study on Breaking Free, I am really asking that God reveal to me my bondage. What do I need to break free of so that I can go to the place he has for me. 

What study are you participating in this fall?  What are your prayers for it? 

Oh, it’s a sweet day indeed!!

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