Covering in Prayer

This is the first full week of school for our county.  It has been a seasonably cool week which tosses my mind into fall.  Fall is my favoriteseason.  The smells, apples, pumpkins,casseroles, the brisk air, the beautiful sunrises, the yummy food, wearing jeans, sweatshirts and gym shoes, fires in the fireplace, which will be new to our family (our first season with a fireplace, yippee).  Having a warm cup of coffee in my hand most of the day with yummy varieties of creamers to choose from.  Ah..but it is still summer.  This is a sweet tease of what is to come.  Come on already fall, I am ready for you. 

On Monday I had the privilege to sit with9 or so moms and pray for our children, their schools, and our families.  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever sat and heard other moms pray for your child?  Have you ever prayed for another child and another mom.  This is an incredible honor.  I want to pass on an organization that does just this.  Moms in Touch is a wonderful way to get with other moms from your child’s school and drench the school, the staff and the kids in prayer!  You meet for an hour once a week and get encouraged, inspired, refreshed and renewed as you praise and pray to Jesus.  Check them out! 

I pray for my girls to be different.  To be the kids that others see, wondering what is different about them, giving them the opportunity to share Jesus.  Now, I know that Natalie cannot share Jesus but through our family,  we can.  How we  respond to things that arise at school, how we respond to the ones that help her daily, how we respond to the staff and other children, how we respond to the life that has been given to us.  I pray that my girls shine bright for Christ and are set apart.  I pray that they are uncommon, in how they act, treat others, obey and respond.  I pray for protection over the school, the staff, the kids, the bus drivers, the janitorial staff.  I pray for a fruitful school year.  That not only educational growth happens, but spiritual growth happens. 

Drench your families in prayer, communicate your heart with Jesus.  He wants to talk to you!

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