An awesome ending to summer break!

My girlfriend Carol and I had the privilege to attend Living Proof Live with Beth Moore last weekend in Lexington.  To say we had fun is an understatement!!  We had a total blast.  First we got to get away for some girl time, second we got to stay in a nice hotel and we each got our own bed..with fluffy pillows and third, I prayed that God would speak to my heart and soul over the weekend.  I have been dealing with some internal struggles and let me just say that God delivered HUGE through Ms. Beth. 

The title of the event was “Jeremiah, author of Lamentations, Eat Pray, Love, One women’s search for everything across Egypt, Israel and exile.”

This was both of our first times to a Living Proof event, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  It blew my mind.  We had great seats, row F, from the floor up, which were not bad at all (it was open seating).  We were at eye level with whoever was on the stage. The worship that Travis Cottrell and the praise team did was incredible.   With voices shouting praises, hands raised in honor and hearts crying out to Jesus we belted it out.  In the moment, total connection.  There were 11,000 women from 29 states, that’s alot of women!  Here are two of them:

Beth M. brought a powerful teaching from Jeremiah.  She picked out scriptures that helped us remember Eat, Pray, Love.  She spoke alot about brokenness, desserts, idols and pretence.  God wants to meet us in our brokenness so that we can heal and be a witness for him.  God wants to come to the desserts in our lives and plow up the land.  A dessert is anyplace that we don’t allow God access.  Idols will cause us tons of trouble.  This statement was huge, ” we become what we follow, we will be like the idols we follow”  so what are you becoming?  God wants us to stop pretending.  How we worship, live, serve and love.  Stop pretending!   Be real, be free and be who Christ called you to be.   Big time stuff.  Deep pondering things.  It was what I needed for where I am right now.  Praise Jesus!  If you can ever get to a Living Proof Live event GO!  They are incredible and powerful.

Well, I am gonna leave you with some pictures.  Carol and I did have an awesome thing happen.  After the Friday evening session we sat in our seats allowing the crowd to clear out of the stadium.  While sitting there I glanced down at the stage and saw Travis Cottrell chatting with 10 or so women.  I told Carol to get her bags we were heading down there.  We got to meet him! Such a sweet guy who puts his whole heart into what he does.  He signed out program and we got a quick photo!  Isn’t that the coolest!!  What a way to end the summer for me.  Have a great weekend!

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