what do you celebrate?

Have you ever met or know of someone who just has a joy about them?   They enjoy life, enjoy others,  making  you want to be around them hoping that some of whatever they have rubs off on ya.  I have a few people I could name, how about you?

I have found that in my crazy life, I don’t do much celebrating.  I just make sure the lists are done and checked off.  Then I collapse into bed exhausted.  I get up the next day and do the “lists” all over again.  Not fun and no way to live.  That is what life and it’s curve balls has done to me.  I am not complaining or looking for empathy, just being honest.  Life is tough and sometimes how we thought things were going to go..well they don’t.    So I have decided that while I am pursuing simplicity, I want to celebrate life.  I want to celebrate those I love, celebrate who I am in Jesus and just have some simple fun.  Life is too short and too stinking busy.  So let’s share what we can celebrate and how.  Who do you want to celebrate?  What do you want to celebrate?  Who would you like to celebrate and how are you going to celebrate?  Let’s be fun, simple and enjoy life.  Let’s catch us some joy and laughter!  Here are some ideas I have come up with.  Now we  know we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, births of babies, graduations, weddings and baptisms so let’s think outside of the box! 

**when our kids figure out potty training…hallelujah!

** the graduation from kindergarten to first grade..that is a big one..all day school. 

** the first day of school and the last day of school.  (fix a special breakfast or dinner)

** promotions at work

** driver’s license

** passing quizzes and tests

** teachers/mentors

** neighbors

** our first date anniversary with our spouse..(hopefully you can remember)

** weight loss

** achieving a goal

** reunions

** memorizing scriptures

** your child learning to ride a two wheeler

** your child learning how to swing themselves

Okay so share some you have thought of.  What do you do to celebrate?  We can make a cake, go for ice cream, make a celebration banner,go to a  favorite restaurant, have a picnic, go to a specialty cupcake store, have a special plate that is used that night for dinner or dessert, make a homemade card, take a picture, start a celebration journal that you leave sitting out so others can see what your family celebrates.  

It will be fun learning how we all celebrate life and our families/friends.  I know that I need to have my memory jolted and I am sure we will come away with tons of  ideas and ways to not just do our “lists” but to live and do it with a burst of pizazz!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Today I celebrated with my 2 youngers their improving swimming skills! Lots of high 5’s were given!

    Thanks for this reminder, Tricia. It’s funny that as I was enjoying watching my kiddos swim earlier today I realized life is so complicated that we do forget to enjoy the simple and basic things in life. All my kids wanted was a high-5 or thumbs-up…which brought about many smiles, much joy, and built their confidence in themselves.

  2. Mary B says:

    Hi there! I found you on InCourage Via your linky. I don’t have a blog yet and I’m writing this comment on my phone. lol So I was having troubles on their site, but I thought I can still introduce myself to someone! So hello! My name is Mary and I live in Iowa. I have an awesome husband of 11 years and 2 sweet girls (too) Emma & Molly. I stay at home too. I was reading your last few blog posts. I did a first time summer study this summer. Beth Moore’s Daniel Study… Wow, its been amazing! Next week is the last week! Its been great and now I’m doing BSF in the fall (Isaiah). So anyways, thought I would pop over and say Hello! Love your blog! Mary

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