Summer at the Ranch

Howdy out there!  How are ya’ll??  Things here in Ky have been so humid and hot.  We have some good days in the mid 80’s and we go to the pool.  Than in the blink of an eye we are in the mid 90’s and it is way to hot to go outside.  It is that humidity that takes your breath away when you walk out.  So we are finding things to do that are indoors.  We have been to the library several times, the mall, and one day we ventured out to Jungle Jim’s.  If you haven’t  been to Jungle Jim’s, you have to check them out.  It is an extremely large international market.  Tons of strange and interesting food.  It was very educational to say the least.  Totally fun, take a look at the pics.

animated critters


Firetruck above their large hot sauce selection


As you can see, it’s a jungle at Jungle Jim’s.  I would recommend going if you can, we had fun and will go back (we have been before).  They have things there that I had never heard of or cooked before, plus it takes up the whole day going through that store, GIGANTIC!

Phoebe attended VBS and had so much fun.  The theme is Saddle Ridge Ranch.  The theme bible verse was:

 James 1:5

Now if any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives to all generously and without criticizing and it will be given to him.  

Union Baptist did a great job of making the kids feel like they were really on a ranch.  The music was a blast and the snacks were fun.  The bible verses were amazing and just seeing those kids fall in love with Jesus is enough to send any mama leaping and dancing!  They learned who they are in Christ, if God really cares about them, what God’s plan is for them, how they can be like Jesus and what do they do when VBS is over.   I just love VBS.  I wish I could send my kids to one a month.  It seems that all our local churches decided to do theirs in June.  Here are some pics:

The last day UBC had a cookout for the families and had a petting zoo come.  Total fun!  It was really hot but the kids loved seeing all the animals.  It sealed the week! 

I am getting ready to start a new bible study called “Becoming a Women of Simplicity” by Cynthia Heald.  I have found that I need to be in a bible study especially during the summer for the accountability.  This one looks good.  I am a type A, multitasking, overachiever who needs some simplicity in my life.  This fall will be a new season for me.  Both my girls are in school all day.  I have had so many people ask me “so what are you going to do”?  Like I do nothing all day now..  So it got me thinking, no actually panicking.  I am not one to sit still.  I am a doer and need to have a list if you will.  I have always had a full plate, always.  I started praying asking God what he wanted me to do.  I really thought I was to pick up hours working for Weight Watchers, nope.  I thought of starting another blog that deals with fitness and nutrition, nope.  I even tossed around becoming a weight loss coach, nope!  Okay, so what am I to do with 8 hours a day?  I really truly feel God is telling me to sit.  Be still.  Allow HIM to fill my days if need be.  Sure I will keep my home, doing all the things that goes with that, grocery, menu preps, laundry, cleaning etc. and I will continue to work out taking care of myself,  but the only commitment I have is bible study which I will NOT give up.  I am really looking forward to it.  Nervous, absolutely!  This is new to me.  But, I am excited to see how Jesus will fill my days.  I want to be obedient to what I feel he is speaking to my heart so when I saw this study I knew HE placed it before me to prepare me.  WOW, isn’t Christ a blast!  I can’t wait to start it tomorrow and I will keep you posted on it.  Are you in a study this summer, either alone or with a group?  What do you feel God is doing in your life right now at this moment?  What is he teaching you? 

Have a blessed week!




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Girlie, looks like you all are definitely finding ways to have fun NOT in the sun! lol. I love what God is speaking to you heart…and especially that you are slowing down to hear him. It is SO hard for a busy body (I’m one too) to slow down, but I do believe as you posted that God most definitely will fill your days…just maybe not the way you would have planned or expected. What an adventure! So buckle up and enjoy the ride! Love ya! J

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