I met a loser!

I had such a great Mother’s day weekend.  It started with getting to meet a loser.  Yep, I got to meet a contestant from the hit TV show The Biggest Loser.  Abby Rike was a contestant on season 8, when she started Biggest Loser she weighed in at 247 pounds.  She was voted off on week 7 (I think) and went home to loose a total of 100 pounds.  She has lost more since and is happy and healthy.  My home church invited  her to share her amazing story.  Abby is funny, sweet and inspirational.  She talked about her journey and how God has paved the way for her to be who she is called to be, because she is obedient.  Through her tragedy arose victory!   I took away some key statements, 1.  Don’t be defined by the scale…let the number be your starting point on your journey to health, it’s all about being healthy not the numbers.  2.  Choice embowers you to be what you want to be if you choose to choose wisely.  3.  Are you existing or living and if you are just existing what changes do you need to make so you are living?   She was a delight to meet! 

Tricia with Abby Rike

This morning I was surprised with breakfast in bed!  Yum, it was delicious and so very nice.  We attended church and heard a great sermon on beauty.   Gals, it is all about the beauty on the inside!  The most beautiful thing to God is Jesus.  God is more concerned about the condition of our heart, not what we are wearing or our hair style.  We have let society dictate what is beautiful and majority of the time their beautiful is photoshopped and touched up!  Let’s stand up and stand firm on God’s truth regarding beauty.  We are gorgeous to Christ!  He delights in us just as we are.  Now, I do believe we should treat our bodies as the temple they are, taking care of them but let’s claim our beauty in Christ!  

 We came home from church and dug in the dirt planting flowers and plants.  I think alot of families around here do this on Mother’s Day weekend.  It is the official, it’s okay to plant flowers, the weather is good now in KY. 

I pray that you have a wonderful mothers day!  I pray that you claim your beauty in Christ and pass this truth onto the girls in your circle! 

Here are my delights and my beauties!  I love them with my entire being. 




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