Babies are coming!

Hi friends,  isn’t God’s creation beautiful.  This time of year amazes me.  All the color and growth.  I hope wherever you live you are enjoying spring. 

Well, babies are coming to our home.  It is so exciting!  Oh, what to do to prepare.  Cleaning and nesting.  Anticipating the arrival.  What will they look like, what will we name them?  Will they be up all night or will they get on a good routine?  Will one be a early riser, will one be the babbler, will one…oh, you probably are thinking I am having babies, oh no not me, this one is having the babies,

Mama bird

She built her nest outside our bonus room.  It is so cool how it is a perfect circle.  She must have worked so hard.  We can pull the curtains back and be nose to beak with her.  She usually flies away quickly but doesn’t go far, keeping an eye on her babies.  Here are her babies first photo’s.

This was yesterday

This was today..four eggs!

Someone told us that she would lay four eggs and then she would tend to sit on them  most of the time, not leaving the nest.  Well, we now have four.  So I guess we will see more of Mama.  It will be fun seeing the little birds hatch and teaching  the girls about God’s wonderful creation and the amazing miracles of birth!   So now the big question is what to name them?  I am sure we will come up with something fun! 

We will keep you posted on the “hatching.”  I just can’t wait to see them, no feathers and all.  I have never seen baby birds.  It’s kinda ironic…new home, new dreams, new birth happening literally right outside our window.  I like to believe it is God smiling down on us, saying that things are joyful, things are delightful, things are fresh and we are going to have many new dreams and memories “birthed” out of our new home.  Yep, that’s God!!   He is a blast, I adore and praise HIM!!


  1. karla says:

    God has blessed you with a treat! Momma bird can teach us human momma’s alot if we’re paying attention. (like peace amidst the storms…) We have one family that comes back year after year to use the bottom of our deck for their nest. I love to watch them. What a wonderful illustration of our Creator’s love for us and His desire to meet our every need. Enjoy!!

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