Where’s Whoville??

This week has been so much fun.  If you didn’t know, it was Read America week.  Many schools celebrated with Dr. Seuss activities.  Phoebe’s kindergarten teachers are so much fun.  They have such a heart for the kids and make learning special!  The entire week was Suess themed and they ended the week with a Dr. Seuss breakfast.  The kids got to dress up as Dr. Seuss characters, have a special breakfast and themed treats.  Parents volunteered to get supplies and go in to cook the food.  I went in to help with the festivities and can I just say that it was a grand time. 

Phoebe as a Whoville charater


The special for the day, whocakes, green eggs and hasbrowns


Seuss friends


Dr. Seuss Day 2010

 Can you tell they had fun.  Yes the whocakes had strawberry and blueberry glaze drizzled over them, with mini M&M’s sprinkled over top and a Dum-Dum sucker stuck in the middle.  We added green food coloring to the eggs and I have to say that the kids loved them.  The drink of the day was lemon lime flavored soft drink with cherry and blueberry jello cubes that had been frozen, dropped into it to make it fizzle.  I didn’t know that when you make jello and freeze it instead of refrigerating it, it turns into slush.  COOL!! 

 Thank you Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Ferguson for the great day!  The kids will remember it for many years to come. 

Have a blessed Monday!


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