Simple delights..

I was reading a blog I follow today and the gal was talking about simple pleasures.  I thought it would be fun to list some.  We are so busy in life and the minutes turn into hours, turn into days, turn into months and than years.  Do you take time to have delights or pleasures?  In the moment do you say..”Ah, this is delightful!”  I know I have.  Like…..

Sleeping in (those moms who are up at the crack of dawn with school aged children..I can hear you all saying AMEN!)

A good, and I mean good cup of coffee

The smell of a freshly cleaned home, just love it.

Getting a handmade card in the mail..this has become one of my newest pleasures!

Hot fudge cake all to sharing


tall glass of brewed ice tea

Being able to sit and watch a TV show you enjoy with no interruptions

Hearing “I LOVE YOU MAMA” from you kids

Fresh flowers in the house

Pellet ice…like at Frisch’s or Chick Fila

Great hair days

Sassy shoes

Natalie’s smile

Phoebe’s laugh

Elliott’s love


An upbeat  Christan song on a Sunday morning..the kind where you just have to raise those hands

bible study and quiet time

answered prayers

coffee lovers ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery

warm clothes right out of the dryer

fuzzy socks

getting a compliment

laughter between friends

Now it is your turn, blessings !!


  1. Sheila Johnson says:

    I love all those things too! When I was little I hated thunderstorms….my dad and my husband both loved them…now that they are both gone I find great comfort in thunderstorms (as long as I am comfortably at home) and am awed by God’s power and thankful that He is in control! Thanks for sharing

  2. Jennifer says:

    LOVE your list and agree with it also! I’ll add to it:
    -afternoon naps (which rarely happen).
    -spending really good quality time with friends and family.
    -getting into a really warm car that the sun has almost over heated when I am really cold.
    -the beach…nothing like it to relax me.
    -getting “just thinking of you” email, letter, or message.
    -really good chocolate!!
    -God stops that just blow me away.
    -cuddling up in bed on a cool night under my warm down comforter and reading a really good book ’til my eyes won’t stay open any more.

    I feel like I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing this, Tricia. It’s fun!

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