A party, fish and studing truth..

Natalie had such a great 10th birthday.  There was a snow day on her birthday but my terrific friend called and said  she was bringing her kids over to celebrate the joyous occasion having a “spa” day with Natalie.  They had so much fun.  Natalie got her nails painted, and her hair fixed.  The crew sang Happy Birthday and ate some cookies.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful way to celebrate her day.  Great friends!!   Over the weekend we had family over to celebrate.  We served pizza, salad and cupcakes!  Just love cupcakes.  Here are some photo’s.

Birthday Girl

Natalie and her friend Samantha

delicious cupcakes..yummy!!

Over the past week I  had some really interesting conversations with Phoebe about the bible.  They have been such a blessing!  I love to see  God’s word residing in her heart.  Truly a treasure moment as a mom.  I wanted to share with you one of Phoebe’s favorite music groups.

This group is fun and very entertaining!!  Here is the link to their website.

Jump over to Lysa Terkeurst’s blog, she is chatting about Studying the Bible and Loving it, how to go about it and some tips and tools.  I know that my day’s can get ahead of  me and before I know it it is dinner time, bath time, bed time and I collapse onto the couch.  I need to  make sure I am aware of how I spend my  time.  I NEED to be in God’s word daily.  This is such a pull at your heart strings topic, especially for moms.  Our days are full and life is busy, but girls it is so important that we drench our days with God.   That is what she is going over for the next few days so I wanted to copy cat her.  ( I think that is legal in bloggy world??)  So how do you drench yourself with God’s truth?  When is your daily quiet time?  Do you blast Christian music, we do.  Do you hang post it notes with scriptures all over your house, I have a friend who does, what a great idea.   Please do share, let’s support and encourage one another. 

Have a wonderful Monday!

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