A thing called love…

Well, here in Ky we have had lots of snow.  The kids have been out of school for 2 days and we are getting cabin fever.  We have had a run of illness go through our home and I am ready for spring!!  Hopefully we will see those big yellow buses in the morning and the kids will hear the wonderful sound of the school bells.

Question:  how many times is the word “love” mentioned in the bible?

Answer:  508 ( 697) times in the NIV.

                   280 (442) in the KJV.

The bracketed number includes words like ‘loves’, and ‘loved’.

I thought this was interesting.  God is love.  He pursues us because he loves us.  To sit and think that the creator of the universe, the heavens and the seas, all creatures that breathe, all plants that grow, the one who Was, Is and Is to come….loves me!  That is a moment, take it in and cherish it.

If you want to see a poetic view of God’s love hop over to my girlfriends blog and read the poem that she posted.  Beautiful, real, and transparent.  She is so talented.  I adore our new friendship, she is tons of fun! 

So do you make homemade valentines or get the store made ready ones?  Do you do anything fun for V-day, like heart pancakes, red food and drink or special gifts?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much, Tricia! What a gem you are!

    As for Valentines, it depends on the year. Some years I’m patient and creative and other years I’m trying to find my head! But you know, you’ve got me thinking that we need to have a fun Valentines family party this year with all kinds of fun Valentine things to do and enjoy. Thanks for the reminder and ideas!

    Love ya!

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