What would you write?

I hope you and your family have had a blessed Christmas!  We serve such a marvelous, miraculous, loving, forgiving, gracious God.  Our home was filled with laughter and relaxation Christmas day.  We received the Toy Story Mania Wii game.  Watching Elliott and Phoebe play this game was a hoot.  For one,  Phoebe does not like to loose.  We are working on that whole winner/loosing thing.  The funny part was seeing them hopping around swinging their arms, shooting targets.  The game is themed off the ride at Disney, which is 3-D.  It is really a fun ride, Natalie loved it.  The games and levels are things like, throwing pies, throwing balloons, catching fish from a pond.   Natalie received a Nerf gun.  We had fun with that.  Phoebe received a dog…yep the best kind.  They are called FurReal.  It came in a purse.  Doesn’t need to be fed, let outside or see the vet..awesome!  Natalie received lots of girly things..hair clips, lipglosses. 

As another year comes to a close I hope you take time to praise and pray to Jesus.  Praise him for answered and unanswered prayers.  Praise him for who HE is.  Praise Him with all your heart, soul and mind.  Be in deep prayer regarding the new year.  What can you do to make your walk with Christ deeper?  What can you bury to make you more like Christ?  Think about where Christ has taken you this 2009.  As you think about this I ask that you take 8 minutes out of your day and watch this powerful..and I mean powerful video.  My question to you is “WHAT WOULD YOU WRITE?”


Are tears running down your face?  Is your heart racing?  Do you know what you would write?  God is awesome!  He is in the business of redeeming lives.  How cool is that!!  We live in such an evil world and bad things do happen and we go astray,  but I know for a fact that Christ will always bring glory out of despair and hard times. We just have to allow him.  Be open and willing to where he leads.  Be obedient.  God is always there, waiting, hugging on us.  We might not feel it, but he is.  He cries when we do.  He doesn’t like to see us in a pit.  He wants to take us farther, grow us.  Will you allow him to do that in 2010? 

Have a great week.  If you can and are okay I would love to see what you would write.  You can do it anonymously!  Take a moment to Praise God.  Turn that worship music on, get out of your seat and raise those hands.  What do you think heaven will be like…come on..you know it sounds fun!!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Tricia, for posting this! I’ve been thinking about what I’d write. As of today I’d write: (front) “Alone and broken” (back) “Seeking help for healing”.

    Hmm…maybe this would be a great way to begin (or end) each year…a way to re-evaluate the past year. Wonder what I’ll be writing next December 30?

    I’m so ready for the morning to break, to crank up the radio, and to sing my love and worship to my Awesome Father who loves me, loves me, loves me!

    Love you you too!

  2. Karla says:

    WOW! What an illustration! So many things come to mind – scared to death I’m failing, my husband hasn’t gone to church with us in a couple of years, Nadine shows up more than I’d like, and probably many more. On the back…God is who He says He is…

    Thank you for this!!
    Love, Karla

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