That one special gift

We save money so we can get that one special gift.  We go to tons of  stores searching for that one special gift.   We can’t find that one special gift.  UGH!  The stores are packed with people all looking for that one special gift.  This time of year we get into a mood that we should have all year long.  Giving special, thoughtful, loving gifts.  It doesn’t have to come from a store.  It could be a card, a meal, helping someone who is under the weather clean up their home.  Swapping childcare with a mom whose hubby is gone alot.  A cup of coffee with a new mom who is lonely and needs a friend. 

I am going to pose a question that I hope you really ponder on for a while.  You know why don’t you go get you something to drink, coffee, tea, water, a soft drink, and I will wait for ya…go on..get a snack if you need one. here is the question.  What gift are you going to give Jesus this Christmas?  I will give you a minute.  (the Jeopardy tune is playing in my it in yours?)  Will it be, more time with Him, reading your bible daily, a better prayer life, serving others more, getting involved in church, forgiveness,  repenting from sin in your life.  Think about this, Christ came to earth as a baby when he could have come as a KING, what he is.  God sent his son, humbly to live as we do, to serve us and to in the end give the ultimate gift..salvation through death on the cross.  I really want to pray about what I am going to give to Jesus and I am going to write it in my bible so I can remind myself of it. 

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas we make our list of who we need to buy gifts for:  husband, kids, parents, extended family, friends, teachers, etc.  Do we ever place Jesus on that list?  I want to make it tradition that when I sit down to write out my list for gifts, Jesus is at the top

I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter, joy, peace, and health.  May the true meaning of Christmas flood your heart and  home.  Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas and in 2010.

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