Blessed and stuffed

Hey y’all!  I pray that you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  We did here in the Cross home.  My hubby had to work, that is the name of the game in the Fire Dept.  Some holidays he is off and some he works.  He will be off Christmas eve and Christmas day though.  I got up Thanksgiving morning and chatted with Jesus.  Thanked him for many, many, things.  I just adore and praise Him.  I than started in the kitchen.  Had to make sweet potato casserole and stuffing.  I just love homemade stuffing.  There is something about sauteing onions and celery with some sage.  It smells up the whole house. 

We headed to my mom’s house that afternoon.  Such a relaxing day filled with laughter and chatter.  The food was scrumptious.  Turkey, stuffing, this yummy potato casserole that my mom has made for years, green beans that had been on the stove all day, cranberry celebration, sweet potatoes and rolls.  Whew, we were stuffed.  Filled to capacity.  But, a little bit later we had to have us some pumpkin crunch.  It is so, so good!  Elliott did get to come down to her house to spend some time with us.  He was gonna eat with the guys at the firehouse.   The day and evening was a delight.  The girls and I went home, got tucked into bed and slept like rocks.  Full tummy’s and joy in our hearts. 

I have to say that I have never been out on Black Friday…until this year.  My mom and I ventured out around 10am.  We went to the Family Christian Bookstore,  Toys R Us, and ran into the mall to one store and back out.  It really was not bad.  I got a start on Christmas shopping.   Once I got home we put up the Christmas tree and all the decorations around the house.  There is just something about having your home decorated for Christmas.  I love to sit and look at the tree all lit up and reminisce about the ornaments.  Good times, yep good times.

Saturday, Elliott put up the lights outside.  Our home looks like a gingerbread house.  So adorable.  We went to church.  It is the first weekend in Advent.  The kids came through singing a  song and ringing bells.  Natalie loved it…all smiles!  After church we went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday.  Had some delicious Italian food.  I think Phoebe could have lived on the bread they brang to the table.  After dinner we all came back to our house for some cake.  Great end to a great day.

So, today I rested.  Well, not really, I ran 3 miles (gotta get some of those calories shed).  My mom came over and we ran with the girls to the craft store and that was it. 

I look forward to the coming month.  My schedule is cleared off some and I want to really cherish quiet time.  I bought a fun Christian novel and I plan on curling up in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee, the tree lit and reading.  I look forward to my quiet time in the morning with my King.  I love to ponder on his birth, what it would have been like back then?  What did Mary think when she first heard His cry?  What was going throughout Joseph’s mind?  To see that star!!  Amazing and powerful! 

We are truly blessed by the gift of Jesus that  God has graced upon us.  Let us not forget it this Christmas season by being so busy with baking, shopping, wrapping, and business.  Let’s make it our mission to allow Jesus to live in our heart so bright that we beam with love and compassion.

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