Oh, Mondays….

Things  have been busy and I am praying that October is calmer.  AH, October is finally here.  I love the fall.  It is my absolute  favorite.  When fall comes it gives me permission to relax a bit.  Colder weather, casseroles, apple anything, leaves falling, pumpkins, crisp mornings and evenings…bring it on!! 

Phoebe had her friend birthday party and had a blast.  Here are some photos,

Natalie, life of th party

Natalie, life of the party

decorating empty pizza boxes to keep treasures in

decorating empty pizza boxes to keep treasures in

making a wish

making a wish


Phoebe had so much fun with her friends and she is enjoying playing the games and crafts she received.

This past weekend Elliott and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.  We went to the Creation Museum.  This is a breathtaking place and I encourage you to go. It is operated by Answers in Genesis, a bible based foundation.   I know that the prices are a deterrent,  but trust me, you will be blessed!  It is such an incredible experience.  They have 3 movies you can see based on the great flood, creation and why we need Christ, a planetarium, that is remarkable,  gardens that are beautiful with waterfalls, a swaying bridge and babbling brooks.  There is a petting zoo with several different animals (the gardens and petting zoo are free).  You can pack a picnic lunch, there are picnic shelters throughout the gardens.  Side note, I believe you need at least 5 hours to go through.   Plus during the holiday season they offer a “walk through Bethlehem”  We cannot wait to take our family! 

After that we went to dinner and a movie.  It was nice to spend time together.  Marriage can be tough, but with Christ all things are possible.  We get bogged down in life and discouraged.  We look to our spouse to fill voids only Christ can fill.    We need to let him fill those voids, which in turn will change our outlook. 

I am loving stampin.  I have found my new “passion”.  It has allowed me to use my creativity.  Plus some of my dearest friends do it too and we all know that doing hobbies is better when done with friends.  It has also show me a way that I can bless others.  I love to encourage.  So to send a homemade card to someone,   to bless their day, that is what I enjoy doing.  I also enjoy getting them too.  Now, I am not brave enough to post any of my creations but in due time I will.  My stampin mentor is going to show me some techniques and tips, I am so excited.  This gal ROCKS at making cards.  One of those people that can look at an idea than turn around and make it.  She is good!  Inspiring and creative. 

So what are your hobbies or outlet?  How do you encourage others?  What brings you joy?

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