I have just on thing  to say, I feel so busy!  I feel that I run my tail off and in all of the “to do’s” I have lost a little of me in this mommy thing.  If you want to read some great posts about this, jump over to Lysa’s blog.  She is blogging about losing yourself in life.  I have trouble with this, how about you?  I think there is a balance to be found.

I am active in a women’s bible study and attend a Moms in Touch group.  I also like to attend a local aerobics class.  Taking kids to school, picking them up, housework, cooking, laundry, errands, time…does anyone know where we can get more of it?   In the past, I would do my bible study and check it off the list, just like something else.  In my self evaluation and in my prayer time, I really felt God changing my heart in this area.  I had made quiet time just another thing to do.  I need to cherish my time with the Lord.  Really listen to what he has to say about my life and how I use my time.  So I have started getting up at 6am…yes..6am to have my quiet time and I LOVE it.  I have my coffee, the house is quiet and it’s  just me and Jesus. This has taken some discipline.  It”s so easy to hit that alarm and roll over in the nice warm bed.  But, what I would be missing out on…nothing compares.  It is my fuel for the day. ( To help my type A mind from wondering and worry I have started journaling my thoughts and prayers.)  

stampin #1  

While adjusting my schedule to life with both girls in school and trying to get on a good routine I have discovered that I have no hobbies.  None.  I have great friends who have introduced me to fun little projects but I have nothing to claim as my hobby.  So after chatting with my hubby really pondering on what I like to do and what I enjoy receiving,  I have decided to start stamping. I really enjoy encouraging others and I think this is gonna be a fun way to do that.  If you are like me, I love getting fun mail.  What a fun thing to get, a homemade card, to make you smile.   I am really excited about it.  About 10 years ago I had a Stamping party and tried to get into it but life quickly changed and I got sucked into a whirlwind of doctors, therapy and craziness.  I felt totally overwhelmed with getting all the “stuff” out and than putting in back up because I did not have an area to craft in and leave it all out.  Than we moved, twice, and the stamps went into a box. 

Well, time goes on and God has introduced me to a delightful friend who is quite the crafty gal.  She is an avid stamper and an excellent one at that.  So I am gonna give it a whirl.  I have a spot in the basement set up so everything can stay out and have purchased some paper, ink, new stamps, ribbon etc.  I have made a few cards, having to dig deep to find my creativity that has been placed on a shelf for many years and discovered, it is fun.  When you sit and think about the design, put it together, finish it…ah…a finished token of encouragement, that I made…me..little old me!

So what do you do for “playtime?”  Do you bake, sew, bead, scrapbook, woodwork, garden, read, photography?  Share what you do and who, how you got into it.  It is important that we let our creative sides come out. I suppressed mine for so many years, using busy to keep me from pursuing anything fun.  This led to a very boring hum-drum life. God created us to be creative.  He gave us personality and curiosity.  He himself is so creative.  I love the colors of the changing seasons. Creative. The new colors of fall. Creative.  Get up one morning and view the sunrise, or in the evening view the sunset, than the starry sky.  He is creative and He is beautiful.  We tend to take all that for granted in our busy lives,  but have you ever just paused and  looked at the views God paints for us?  Magnificently creative.  Do you ever praise him for the marvels?  I challenge you to find them daily.  It might just get your creative juices flowing!! 

footnote:  the card in this blog is not one that I made but I do love the design.

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