Celebrations, oh, the cake, balloons, gifts, family and friends, did I mention the cake.  Births, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, really any reason to celebrate…and to get some cake.  Phoebe turned 5 in early September.  We had to cancel her birthday celebration due to illness.  I want to share some of the pictures from her celebration we had over this weekend with family.

5th birthday with my little pony cake

strawberry shortcake, hey I had those when I was little too!!

oh, what do I wish for....

As you can see she had a My Little Pony birthday cake.  That is what Phoebe is into right now.  My little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake.  It’s funny because when I was little I had those things too.  Things do come back around.  She received very nice gifts and had fun visiting with grandma’s, grandpa’s, and great aunt and great uncle.  This weekend we are having her “friend” party.  We normally don’t spend the whole month celebrating birthday’s but we had to reschedule things due to illness.  So it has felt like we have had a party every weekend!  But hey that’s okay because I love celebrations…and cake!

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