I am so excited!  I am going to Beth Moore’s live simulcast tonight and tomorrow.  I have never been to one.  She is in Wisconsin, teaching on Psalm 37.  This is going to be such a thrill.  I love her studies and truly believe she is anointed to teach God’s word.  If you haven’t visited her blog you should.  I will be sure to post pictures.  I am going with some girlfriends of mine who love Jesus and are a bunch of fun.  If you are in the Northern Ky area and want to come visit this site.  

Things here have been busy, getting back into the swing of things with school schedules.  Phoebe loves kindergarten.  I felt so sad watching her get out of the car at morning drop off and seeing her walk into that big school.  She is growing up.  It goes so fast.  Natalie is enjoying being back with her friends.  The notes coming home say that she is having fun and meeting new kids in her class.  That school has been such a blessing to our family.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging to Natalie. 

I have been dealing with my identity crisis.  You know when you are  used to having little ones at home and then it is just you.  What to do with your time? I have prayed and prayed, coming to the conclusion, that I need to pray.  So I joined a Moms In Touch group.  This is a new journey for me.  I really feel that we as moms have a high calling to pray over our children especially as they are out in the world.  We all know that times have changed since we have been in school.  We need to unite together and make a difference.  Look into Moms In Touch to see if there is a group in your area covering the schools your kids attend.  If you are involved in one I would love to hear how it has impacted your life…give me a reply post. 

Okay back to the Beth Moore simulcast.  I am so excited, can you tell.  If you have attended one I have a few questions for ya.

1.  When did you go?

2.  What did she teach on?

3.  What did you learn and walk away with?

4.  How was Travis Cottrell and the worship?

I look forward to hearing about your adventures!  Have a blessed day!  Be on the lookout for some photos.

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