Changing seasons

welcome to school

Things are fun around our home.  We are getting ready for school, buying  supplies, orientations to attend, schedules to lay out.  Natalie will be in 4th grade and Phoebe is going to Kindergarten.  This will be such a huge change for us.  I have always had a preschooler at home.  Now my baby is going off to school. 

My motherhood season is changing.  I have been a preschool mom for a long time.  Now there are no  preschoolers in the Cross home.  We have entered a new season.  PUBLIC SCHOOL!!  I am excited, but nervous.  I have always had a schedule that consisted of:  getting Natalie ready for school, feeding Phoebe breakfast, getting in some exercise, shower, load Phoebe in the car and head out the door.  We either ran errands, went to preschool, play dates, bible study or attended MOPS.  My routine is changing.  I graduated from MOPS and now will be taking a kiddo to kindergarten. My mind still has a hard time with it. 

 It’s funny how you get comfortable in the season you are in and sometimes that comfort allows no room for growth.  I believe that the Lord wants us to grow continually.  I think he loves to see us enter into a new season.  He anticipates it.  Jesus loves to see us grow, especially in him.  This new season will allow me some much needed time and growth.  Though I am sad that my baby is going off to school and growing up, I am eager to see what God has planned for me.  I have spent alot of time in prayer for direction and guidance.  I know for myself I can get my plate of obligations cleared off and before I know it my plate is abundantly full again.  I have to be cautious and in prayer over the activities I choose to participate in.  I read in a book that sometimes we think we are the ones being called to aministry or organization when in reality Jesus just wants us to pray for the “called” person to step up.  That was huge to me.  I get all these ideas in my mind, believing that Christ is calling me to lead them or orchestrate when he is really just placing it on my heart to pray for it and them.  It is okay to just participate.  It’s okay to take days off and rest.  It’s okay to allow others to step up.  When we think we are the “called” ones and we aren’t, we are stealing the blessings of others and stressing ourselves out!

We do have a full fall season planned.  We are building a new home, which is very exciting.  I am attending a bible study at church.  Natalie will continue with physical therapy and Phoebe is going to start in American Heritage Girls.  I think that is enough for now, although I am praying about a Moms in Touch group.  If you attend or have attended a Moms in Touch group I would love to hear how it impacted your life and your children’s lives.  For those who are not familiar with Moms in Touch, it is an organization that get’s moms together once a week for an hour to pray for their children and their children’s school.   

For now, I am cherishing the last few days of summer break and cherishing my time with my family before we are back into the hustle and bustle of things.  How about you??

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