What’s the secret?


I have had several friends and family ask me “so, what’s the secret for weight loss?”    Well here is the secret…there is no secret.  We Americans are a super size, quick fix society.  We want to take a pill or drink a “magic” shake to loose weight.  We don’t want to do anything that will cause us to be uncomfortable.  We don’t want to do the work.  Make things easy and don’t make us sweat.   Well loosing weight will take work.  The calculation is easy for weight loss.  Burn more calories than you eat.  We need to get up and get moving.  We need to change our eating habits.  Change our lifestyle.  Make living healthy a lifestyle!  I have had to make BIG changes.  I am more cautious of what I eat.  Whole grains, fruit, veggies, lean meats, chicken and now more fish.  I have cut out most processed foods.  I run 5 days a week and lift weights every other day.  I attend a fitness class that mixes it up.  We do kickboxing, boot camp, strength training. 

You see, you have to keep things fun.  Make your “workouts” fun.  Try a new class.  Ask a friend or spouse to join you.  Set some goals and strive for them. Have an accountability partner to keep you on track.   Have your kids help you grocery shop and explain why junk food is bad for you.  Have your family help you cook.  Use it as a teaching time.  We need to remember that we are setting examples for our kids.  They are our next generation and we want them to be healthy.  

Challenge yourself this week.  Start with small goals and see what happens when you achieve them!  Make the change….Live Healthy!!




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