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Well, it has been a while since I posted anything.  Wasn’t the Biggest Loser finale amazing.  For those who don’t know..Helen won!!  Tara came in second and Mike third.  Jerry, who was voted off very early in the season and also in his late 60’s early 70′ won money taking the most weight off once he got home.  I tell you that show is so encouraging.  I love to see the transformations.  I also love to watch the contestants through the show and what changes they have to make.  I am not sure what trainer I would want?  Bob or Jillian?  That is a tough one. 

Well summer is here!!  I am ready to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  I do have some questions that maybe some of you can help with.  We have an adorable daughter Natalie, who has a brain injury.  She is in a wheelchair and cannot talk, eat by herself, sit, crawl, basically she is full care.  Summer brings it’s own bag of difficulties to us.  When it’s hotter than 86-88 degrees she has a hard time being outside.  So we are trying to think of fun things to do this summer.  We do take her outside to sit on our deck, go for walks, get in the pool, until it get’s too warm.  We go to the Zoo, the Museum and sometimes to the movies.  Do any of you have any other ideas.  We usually take some wash clothes and get them wet, place them in a zip-lock bag with some ice and when she’s  hot we get the cloths out and wiper her face and neck.  It does seem to help.  We are looking into getting a canopy cover for her wheelchair so she doesn’t get cooked.  It’s  just  hard because our other daughter who will be 5 soon wants some attention and loves being outside.  We feel pulled and guilty.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Has anyone gone anywhere that would be accessible and fun for a family.  Obviously things like water sports, camping and skiing are out.  Just throw us some ideas.  Thanks so much. 

Okay now onto a different note.  So, how are you gonna either lose weight this summer or maintain?  I know for me I have set a goal to work out 3 times a week.  Hopefully this will maintain and help me stay in the routine.  Now that summer is here we are doing more grilling and eating more salads.  All the fresh markets have wonderful selections of veggies and fruits.  My husband just built me a herb/lettuce box.  It is really cool.  I placed some lettuce and herbs I had in it.  We spent all day yesterday putting in our garden.  I love gardening.  It is relaxing. 

herb/lettuce box

herb/lettuce box

Cross Farm

Cross Farm








Have a wonderful Memorial Day.  Say Thank You to someone who served or is serving our country.  They have paid and continue to pay a huge price for our freedom!!  We are blessed by them and their families for their commitment to our country!  God Bless! 


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  1. Jenn McGuire says:

    Tricia- I live on the Eastside of Cincy now; have you ever heard of Woodland mound? It is a perfect place for both the girls! It is a ‘water’ park but no pool. All sprinklers, fountains, etc. Jacob and I went for the 1st time and he loved it! They have shaded areas, picnic tables, ramp, etc. Snack bar and it’s very reasonable! It is $2 to get in the park for the day or $5 annual pass and then $2 for children only to the waterpark (parents do not have to pay). Check it out!

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