Are you a loser???

I am and proud of it!!  I have lost weight…what did you think I meant? 

We are coming to the summer season.  Some of us are excited and some of us cringe thinking about shorts, tank tops and the dreaded swimsuits.  I know for me my weight loss journey has been an adventure. 

I have become addicted to the reality show, The Biggest Loser.  I think it’s such an inspiration to many people out there.  So who do you think is gonna win.  The final two are Helen and Tara.  America is going to decide who contestant #3 is.  It’s between the father-son team, Ron and Mike.  I think that America is going to pick Mike.  I also think that Helen could win this.  It is based off of percentage of weight loss, not pounds.  Who is your pick?

I was pretty thin and in shape when my hubby and I met.  Life was good, just he and I.  Than we got married.  No, no…that is great…but the weight began to creep on.  Little bit here, little bit there.  Than, baby #1.  I gained so much weight with my first child.  I was on bed rest for 10 weeks.   I got depressed, ate and than ate some more.  Well after you have a child you are so busy being the perfect mom to that baby, you yourself go out the window. 

Than my daughter suffered her injury and we lived in a hospital for 12 weeks.  Hospital cafeteria food is NOT healthy.  There I also was depressed (for a good reason if you need one to be depressed)  and I ate.  I came home with a severely disabled child and ate some more. 

Well over the years I have ping ponged with my weight but in 2006 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  This is a disease of the intestines.  Things got bad.  Two hospital visits and stays.  I did loose weight with that but it was not a healthy way to do it and it came back.  In 2007 I had a bowel resection to fix complications with my Crohn’s disease.  I lost weight again only to put some of it back on.  I joined an aerobics class at our church called:


I began to loose weight and inches.  Tammy is the instructor and she has  a passion for fitness and nutrition.  She is adorable on the inside and out.  I contribute much of my weight loss to her.  Her classes are so much FUN!!  She encourages  women in her class to press on, work hard and have fun.  She is such an inspiration.  Tammy loves Jesus and shines for him.   She offers  cardio mix, cardio kick boxing, step aerobics, strength training and  some dance (similar to zumba).  I adore this class.  It is offered twice a week and has been a blessing.  She has really encouraged me, pushed me  and become a great friend. 

In April 2008 a friend of mine invited me to go to Weight Watchers.  I told her that I would go but I knew I would not do the program.  Well…once I got there and saw how inspiring and encouraging it was I decided to give it a whirl.  I joined and fell in love with the points program.  It became a game to me.  I would take my counter to the grocery and stand figuring out points.  I attended meetings and weight was coming off.  Two pounds here, three pounds the next week.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was loosing weight.  I knew I needed to be healthy to be able to care for Natalie.  I had to be in tip top shape.  This was crucial.  This was my new goal.

In August 2008 I became a lifetime member with Weight Watchers.  This was HUGE for me.  I set a goal and achieved it.  I have lost 30 pounds and feel great.  I did have to make some changes to my life and I will be blogging about that soon.  Take a look,  

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Please feel free to share.  I would love to hear about books you have read.  Exercise routines you have tried and loved or not.  Recipes.  Anything that worked for you or didn’t work for you.    Looking forward to chatting about this for a few days.  Summer is right around the corner!!!  Oh, and go ahead and throw out who you think is gonna be the next Biggest Loser!! 


  1. Jennifer says:

    Okay, Tricia, I’m just going to tell you that I admire you so much with the disipline that you have to not only eat right but to also carve out time in your day to exercise. This has become a burden on me – the weight gain over the past year and the lack of exercise…sometimes due to time and others due to energy. I look forward to reading your other posts about this adventure.

    As for TBL…what night is it on? I don’t watch much tv, but would watch this for encouragement.

    Love ya,

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