Quiet time…hmm



Okay, so this has been on my mind for months.  How do we as busy moms and women get our quiet time?  I struggle with my quiet time.  Do I do it early in the morning?  Do I plan it during the day and have my little ones do their own quiet time?  Do I try to do it at night when my brain is exhausted from the day?  I want my quiet time to be sacred and genuine, where I meet God daily.  How about you?   What do we do in quiet time, where is the best place for quiet time, what do you need (as far as tools) for quiet time? 

What questions do you have in this topic of discussion?  I have some great friends that do really well with quiet time, so stay tuned because I am gonna pick their brains and see if I can interview them so we can have some good discussion, direction and guidance.    Stay tuned…I am sure you won’t want to miss this.


  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for the questions about spending quality time with our Creator. Jennifer your answers were eye opening.
    Now I know during a busy day I can still have somewhat of a quiet time.

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