Introducing..Jennifer Miller

I want to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine.  Jennifer and I met through one of our local MOPS groups.  She is a mom to 4, home schools, and is involved in our church.  She has a passion for encouraging moms in their journey.  I asked her to tell us about her quiet time and here is what she had to say.  

First,  Jennifer thanks for taking time to talk with me about quiet time.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four children ages 12, 9, 6 and 4. I have been married to my airline pilot husband for 17 years. I love to read, write, and listen to Christian music. As for my faith walk, after having my first child God began taking my faith to new levels and has continued to do this ever since. I stand amazed and humbled at how much my Father loves and cares for me and the mysterious ways He uses me to encourage others.

1.  Why is quiet time so important to you?

It grounds me and causes me to find focus in my day. 

2.  Where do you do your quiet time?

There’s more than one way to answer this question. (1) For the quiet time that we tend to think of (solitude, peaceful, silent) I do my quiet time where ever I am able to sit still with little or no interruptions. This often tends to be either in my bed or at my desk. But I do not limit myself to these places. (2) The other kind of quiet time that I have discovered since having children is the on-the-move quiet time. I know this doesn’t sound very productive, but it is! I can be washing dishes, cleaning house, spending time with the family, cooking, writing an article, encouraging a friend, etc. God speaks to us not only in the still and quiet moments, but also in the moments that we are living life. We would be foolish to think that the only time that we can connect with God is when we are being still and quiet. I have learned to write scripture on post it’s and stick them on light switch covers in my kitchen, the edge of my computer screen, and on the fridge. I’ve even been known to put them in my car. Just recently God gave me the word “choices” to focus on. My van’s dashboard was extremely dusty. Rather than dusting it, I wrote “choices” in the dust. I am reminded every time I get into the van to make wise choices. Anywhere that I look often and will see God’s reminders and promises to me is where I put my post-its or write my reminders. Do not forget the wonder of the shower! Shower time is great quiet time to be spent with God. 

3.  What tools do you use…bible, highlighters, music,

The tools I use are my Bibles (sometimes one version is clearer than another), pen and pencil (love to mark in my Bible), music (a must for me), nature (sit and watch the birds, storms or ducks and you too may find that you can’t help but to praise God for His wonders), Bible studies, books. 

4.  What time of day is your quiet time?

I have to giggle at this one. I am not one to have a standard daily quiet time…I am not that organized nor am I a morning person. I do like to get my “big” quiet time in the morning before everyone wakes up. There are also days that I do my “big” quiet time after lunch. I do have days that I do not have a “big” quiet time, but many, many “mini” quiet times. Remember the post-its, music, and nature…yep, I’m living life too and have learned not to beat myself up when I am not able to do a “big” quiet time. While I’m cleaning up dinner I’ll find myself talking to God. When I’m driving, and the kids aren’t bombarding me with questions and comments, I’ll find myself singing praises to God. When I am walking through the grocery store I’ll find myself talking to God as well. Knowing all of this, I do think “big” quiet times are very important and necessary in my faith. Also keep in mind that you can do quiet time with your kids. Read the Bible, talk about a scripture, pray together. That is huge to share your quiet time with your kids at times…what an example and legacy you are setting!

 5.  If you could assist someone with coming up with their own quiet time, what would you tell them?

Do not try to make your quiet time look like anyone else’s. Find your own style, time, study tools, locations…And do not beat yourself up if you get caught up in life and don’t get a major quiet time in for a couple of days. I challenge you to write down every time you read that post-it scripture, praised God, talk to Him, or cry out to Him in a day’s time. You just might be surprised at how much of the day you do spend with God…or maybe you’ll be disappointed with how little time you spend with Him. If you do end up being disappointed, please do not be hard on yourself. Rather pick yourself up by the bootstraps and begin again the next day with a whole new focus…on God. 

6.  What happens in your life if you miss a quiet time?

Like I said earlier, life goes on if I miss a “big” quiet time. However, I will say that I do notice that if I go too many days without some good quiet time with my Father (whether big or little quiet times) that my attitude goes down the drain. And when mom’s attitude goes down the drain the rest of the household follows. Ugh! When you realize this just remember that God gives us a new “do-over” every day with the rising of the sun. 

7.  How long is your quiet time?

My quiet times can last anywhere from an hour to one minute. Oddly enough, the hour long quiet times never seem to be long enough and I feel like I am cutting my time short when I realize the time…or I need to put my referee shirt on and deal with the kiddos. 

8.  What drove you to desiring a quiet time with God?

When you love someone you want to be with them, talk with them, experience life with them, play with them, have fun with them…I love God and I want to experience life with Him. Another reason not to limit your quiet time to only still and silent times and places. 


 Thank you Jennifer for answering some questions about quiet time.  It has given me some new ideas and perspective.  Just to let others know, Jennifer has her own blog that is full of encouragement and fun.  Here is a link to her blog.  

I hope that you have come away with some ideas and things to ponder about.  Pray about your quiet time and like Jennifer said, make it your own.  God desires time with us.   He wants us to desire time with him.  I know for me, the more I am in his word the more I crave time with him.  I pray that you do the same.   Stay tuned to hear from another dear  friend of mine that has turned her quiet time into a praise, worship, and an intimate relationship with Christ.   



  1. Denise Coop says:

    Jennifer, thanks for the challenge to reconnect with God throughout the day. I needed to hear that today! I also will be trying to implement the shared quiet times with my children. Thanks for sharing your heart and personal relationship with us. Blessings…

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