Introducing…Denise Coop

I would like to introduce a great girlfriend of mine, Denise Coop.  Denise and I met through our kid’s preschool.  So, we have known each other for a short 8 months.  She has blessed my life tremendously and I am thankful for her friendship.  I was amazed when she started telling me about her daily quiet time with Christ and I wanted her to share it with you.

1. Why is quiet time so important to you?
Quiet time removes me as the central figure of my life and puts God on the throne of my life. It is my time with my Lord and Savior. I place my messed up, worldly, selfish self before the Lord so that He can impart  His TRUTH, GUIDE me, and  CHANGE me. I desperately want to be who He wants me to be. This only comes through TIME with Him and reading His WORD. Also, quiet time is not bible study time. I’ve had to make these two separate things in my life.

2. Where do you do your quiet time?
 In my office with a desk and chair.

3. What tools do you use…bible, highlighters, music,
 For a bible I use The One Year Daily bible – it is broken up with
passages from the OT, NT, Psalm and proverb for each day. I have a journal that is based on Becky Tirabassi’s journal. Over the years, I have changed mine a little bit from hers. Mine has a section for Praise/Thanksgiving, a section for Admitting /Change, a section for books I am studying, a section for requests. It is a big 3 ring binder because I journal 95% of my prayers, it helps me stay focused. Oh, I almost forgot COFFEE!!

4. What time of day is your quiet time?
 around 6am – My goal is to get it in before kids and husband are awake.

5. If you could assist someone with coming up with their own quiet time, what would you tell them?
Ask God to create a burning desire for a quiet time in your heart. If it doesn’t come from Him it won’t last. I recognize that quiet times are extremely personal and always changing based on our busy lives. From a technical position, I’d probably read Becky Tirabassi’s book the 21 Days to a Burning Heart Contract with them first. Then start them out small with just praising God through His Psalms. If they are totally on fire, I’d do the whole journal.  Ultimately, in the beginning having a quiet time for me was about obedience and discipline and a desire to turn my life completely over to God. I had never EVER done anything like this, to be a stay at home mom and still get up at 6 am just doesn’t make sense… so you know the desire was and is given by God and not of me. Making the decision to do a quiet time is the BEST decision God has ever blessed me with. The time I give Him is always doubled throughout the day.

6. What happens in your life if you miss a quiet time?
 You don’t want to know! Depression hits. Discontentedness. Grumpy.  Complaining. Yelling. No patience. No peace. JUDGEMENTAL. I act like I am in charge. Opposite of the fruit of the spirit. Basically, it is a very very ugly day.!!

7. How long is your quiet time?
 Depends, I try to wake up early enough so that I know I have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. After that is based on who interrupts me first.

8. What drove you to desiring a quiet time with God?
A person (I think Beth Moore) once said that in Isaiah 43, it doesn’t say IF you pass through the waters or IF you walk through the rivers or IF you walk through the fire… it says WHEN. At that moment, I decided I was going to need as much of God as I could get because this life is hard, He is eternally good, and I want to hear Him say, “Well done!” at the end of mine.

 WOW, Denise that is awesome.  Thank you so much for inspiring us and bringing a whole new way to go about quiet time.  I admire you and your diligence.  You are a women devoted to living her life in the will of Christ.   

Denise wanted to leave you with a scripture that has moved her heart and soul recently.

Psalm 90:14   Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, so that we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.

That is what we are called to do.  We NEED God to satisfy us.  We are called to be joyful in whatever comes our way.  There is a difference in joy and happiness.  Joy fills your heart no matter what you are doing or going through.  Happiness comes from your circumstances.  There is a difference!! 

I hope these two interviews have shed some light on quiet time for you.  It is crucial in our Christian walk.  It takes things to a whole new level.   Are you willing to go there with Christ?  I hope so…


  1. Jennifer says:

    Denise said something very profound…”to be a stay at home mom and still get up at 6 am just doesn’t make sense… ” This is what I struggle with when I fall out of my regular routine with God in the moring. I think a lot of stay-at-homes might struggle with this. HOWEVER, once you’ve spent the first morning intimately with your Father you quickly realize that as strange as it is to get up so early it also makes total sense. Suddenly early morning quiet time isn’t so strange.

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