I attended a women’s luncheon this morning.  It was lovely.  They spoke on their recent mission trip to Haiti.  They told of how God moved them during their mission trip.  They spoke about the “God Stops”  that occurred.  You know, those things that make you say…”that was a God thing”  They shared about the environment and the poverty.  They were down their ministering to women and children.  They taught, prayed, encouraged and loved those Haitian women and children.  They gave them gift bags with different items in it.  They went to the special needs area and ministered to those kids.  Then…after they spoke about it they showed a slide show. 

Now, when you hear someone speak it moves you, but when you add an image to it…whoa!!  The photo’s spoke volumes to what God did while they were down there.  The women that were overjoyed with the gift bags.  The circles of prayer that we saw in the pictures.  The delight on our ladies faces knowing that the presence of our everliving God was there.  Than they showed the special needs center and I lost it.  It really hit home with me.  Having a child with special needs, in a wheelchair, needing full time care, I know what goes into this kind of lifestyle.  I know the weariness and exhaustion that parents get.  These kids though were in a center.  And not just any center, one filled with poverty.  Oh, the humbleness that poured through me.  Tears bounced from my face as I thanked our heavenly Father for the blessings he has given my family and than prayed for the children in the slide show. 

We don’t know how well we have it.  I know that the economy is bad and people are loosing their jobs but man…when you look at areas like Haiti it is mind boggling. 

I know that those women left for that mission trip with anxious hearts.  Hearts filled with anticipation, fear, and excitement.   I also believe they came back women on fire for Jesus.  They witnessed CHRIST!!   One of the ladies said she could tell that the Haitian women were hungry to learn about Jesus.  How about you, are you hungry for Christ?


footnote:  a friend of mine graciously gave me this newsletter.  You can click to download :  haitti-mission

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Loved this post! The kiddos and I are going to go to the Haiti Mission Team’s presentation at church tomorrow night. One of my girlfirends, Kari Mulderink, went and I had the honor of putting together her newsletter. Little did she realize that very shortly after returning from the trip she would suddenly and unexpectantly loose her mother to a heart attack. I am looking forward to getting together with her tomorrow for lunch to hear more intimately about her experiences. I’ll email you a copy of her newsletter. BTW, she was able to take photos every where she went except for the special needs orphanage. She just couldn’t do it, so the sweet picture of the little girl in that special needs article was lifted from the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s website.

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