We had a beautiful weekend here in Northern Ky.  It was beautiful on Saturday.  My girls were outside enjoying the sunshine.   It is so nice to get some fresh air.  I can’t wait for more days like that! 

I am doing two bible studies (yep, I am a junkie)  It is amazing to see God weave them together.  What Happens When Women say YES to God, by Lysa Terkeurst and Esther by Beth Moore.  Both are so powerful and have spoken to my heart and soul.  I just love seeing the possibilities of life when you are walking hand and hand with the Lord. 

So, they get me to thinking.  What is my ” theme” for the year.  That is a question Beth Moore asks in Esther.  I don’t want to go into to much details for those of you that are in the study.  I don’t know where you are and I do not want to spoil anything.  The question on themes is a good one to ponder.  I would like to change the question to “what is your theme for the month?”  This is more up my ally.  My life changes so frequently that it would be hard to come up with a theme for a year.   I will share that my “theme” for now is listening.  Yep, I am a talker and fixer.  Got a problem, well you do A, B, C  and it will be fixed.  It is just that easy…come on..get to it, move on.  When friends come to me and tell me what is going on in their lives I immediately want to “help.”   Type A personality  that has to control and manage all.  So God has been working in me lately. 

I am learning to K.M.S. = keeping mouth shut!  Now this is REALLY hard for me.  I was the kid that got the good report cards but the teacher always and I mean always wrote on them, “Tricia is a great student and a joy to have in class but she  talks too much.”  So it started out at a young age.  I believe God is teaching me to just listen.  Be quiet and listen.  This also requires us to slow down.  Back to that busy thing.  I have been listening to my precious 4 year old daughter Phoebe a lot lately.  She is hysterical.  That girl comes up with the craziest things.  Her prayers at night are so sincere and truly from her little blessed heart. She asks deep and I mean deep life questions.  I wonder where she comes up with them.  She loves to sing and she makes up songs.  They are a hoot!  Since I have been trying to practice listening I have found that I hear differently.  I sense the urgency, the heartache, the joy, the laughter and much more in others voices.  I get to look at their faces and see into their eyes which leads to their hearts.  I get to read them. 

God wants us to listen to him too.  Do you?  When you wake in the morning is it a rush to get things going?  I know I am guilty.  When you have a small moment do you just sit and praise, thank him and listen to God.  He wants our attention too.  It takes obedience to harvest a heart of listening.  It is so awesome to hear and communicate with God.  I praise his name that we have the ability to go to the King of Kings and speak our mind.  He can handle every bit of it.  With speaking our minds and pouring out our hearts comes the act of listening.  We have to be quiet and listen for God.  Now, we aren’t gonna get some big old voice that shouts down from heaven giving us our answers.  I believe God speaks to us through his word, studies, sermon series, pastors, family and friends.  He will find a way to communicate.  It is our job to heed it.  When the Holy Spirit nudges our hearts about something…LISTEN!  What a great gift God has given to us.  The gift of communicating with our Savior.

So I pray that you slow down enough to have the pleasure to hear God.  Slow down enough to be an ear for your friends and family.  Come on…let’s be honest..we all like to be heard.  I know I do.  Allow God to harvest your heart and learn to be a good listener.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, this is good! My theme this year started off with focusing on God (which “birthed” my new blog), but over the past couple of weeks it has changed to choices which I blogged about last night.

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